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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Beach Day Essentials

Unfortunately I don't have any beach trips lined up this summer, but you never know I might throw in a day trip somewhere. Growing up we spent weeks ever summer at my family's little beach cottage on St. George Island on the Florida panhandle. We have some fantastic memories there with some good friends and family, and beach trips haven't really been the same since my parents sold it.

beach day essentials

GANT slim shirt / Pleated maxi skirt, $23 / Miu Miu bow bandeau bathing suit, $155 / River Island gold handbag, $38 / GUESS hat / GUESS by Marciano sunglasses / Sun care / Turquoise Teshvikiye Linen Turkish Towel

What's a beach day with out a little touch of glam right? I typically try to cover up as much as I can when traveling to and from the shore, I always seemed to get the worst sunburns walking home. Seriously I love oxfords to lounge around in and they provide tons of coverage from those intense florida rays. To keep the look from veering too far into prepster-ville I added the sparkly bag and the white maxi skirt. Then add a floppy hat, some cute sunnies, oh and the perfectly classic girly suit. Perfect beach wear.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Summer Wish List-- Target Maxi Dresses

Greetings! As you read this, I'm on the road to New Orleans for a little weekend visit with my Mom. So far my little vacation has been lovely (minus the crazy early mornings two days in a row). Today marks the first official day of summer, and let me tell you it feels like it! DC has still been cool, but Arkansas and Louisiana are quite warm, let me tell you.

For this week's Friday's Fancies theme we are discussing our summer wish list. Mine is long, but since I'm moving I've put myself on a spending freeze! I don't want to have to move anything extra! Whatever doesn't fit in my Jetta isn't going to make it with me to NOLA.  I have been lusting over one piece... and I think I could make an exception to the spending freeze. The Target Jersey Maxi Dress.

Summer wants

Mossimo petite dress / Mossimo pocket dress / Mossimo see through dress / Mossimo petite dress

Are they not killing it lately? That black and white one, first introduced to me by the lovely Alissa, I'm obsessed. 

Wish me luck house hunting this weekend, and please excuse me for potential delayed posts next week as I'm traveling Sunday and Monday! Have a great one gals!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Four Things: Floral

I had so much fun with last week's four things link-up I decided to come back for more. This week's theme is "Floral: Anything Goes." Now normally I'm not much of a floral person when it comes to my wardrobe. I just checked my closet and found 3 things. woops. But, since florals are so trendy right now, I've been trying to broaden my horizons a bit.


I'd love to add this cute top to my collection. Or a fun tote, or even hide my florals inside my shoes. But if I don't accomplish any of that, rest assured I'll always have gorgeous floral candles around. Don't forget to come join the fun with Ashlyn and Kristin.

Fun note, I'm heading to the deep south tomorrow for a little relaxation and to get ready for a big move in 6 weeks! Yay! Both Little Rock and New Orleans are on the agenda! I'm even hoping to maybe get in a little pool time while I'm at my parents! So here's to it being my friday! Woohoo!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Weekend Weddings

We made it again! Happy Friday y'all!  For this week's Friday's Fancies we are talking wedding wear. Shockingly I don't have any weddings to attend this year (though with quite a few engagements I'm sure next summer will be very busy). But if I did have a wedding to attend I would certainly love to show up in this little pretty.

wedding weekend

I'm still loving all things metallic, and bronze seems perfect for summertime. Pair it with a golden makeup look? I'm thinking it's summer time perfection right? Now since it's Friday I won't keep you here too long, but y'all seriously need to check out some of these posts below. Can I just say it was a pretty epic week around the blog-o-sphere.

Link Love

  • I want my new apartment to include all of these pretties Erin curated.
  • Julie wrote beautiful and thoughtful post about being real or fake in blogging. I couldn't agree with her sentiments more.
  • Ashley shared her top five photo editing apps. Shocker. Instagram DIDN'T make the list.  
  • In the mood for a yummy cocktail? Laura's got you covered with this Orange Ginger Mojito
  • Betsy introduced us to beer pasta this week. Need I say more?
  • Finally we talked brows with Meg, definitely something I need to work on. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Four Things

Happy Wednesday! Seriously, I feel so much better on Wednesdays because I know the weekend will be here before we know it, and this weekend promises to be wonderful. So today I wanted to join some of my favorite gals in a four things link up, and share four things I'm loving today.

Four things
gelato / havaianas / fathers day / lulu and georgia 

Is there really anything better to cool you off during the summertime than some ice cream? I popped in to pitago gelato over the weekend, and I haven't been able to get the stuff out of my head. DC area folks. White Grapefruit Sorbet. If you want to get crazy add it to the Chocolate Noir sorbet. It's beyond amazing. 

I picked up a new pair of havaiana's at south moon under a few weeks ago, and oh my gosh I forgot how comfortable they are. If you've never tried them, go get you some ASAP. 

Father's Day is this weekend! What are you getting your dads? I love getting to celebrate a day of Dad's, but let me tell you... mine is SO hard to shop for! If you have any awesome dad gift ideas please send them my way!

I'm sure by now y'all have heard of lulu and georgia but as I'm apartment hunting I can't help but dream of a new place decorated entirely with their gorgeous pieces.

What four things are you loving today? Don't forget to link up!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Little Gap Love

Since it's been raining pretty much nonstop for days I'm dreaming of some warm sunny summer fun. So what's a girl to do, obviously a little online shopping right? Somehow I wound up at the Gap and was actually super impressed with the selection this season.


I haven't really perused their website in years, but I'm loving all of the maxi dress options, fun sunnies and even some cute shoes.  What do y'all think? Have you visited the gap lately?

ps. don't forget today's your last chance to enter to win a $50 Shabby Apple Giftcard here!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Fancies

Is it just me, or did that week just fly by? Time seems to just keep moving faster and faster. While it's overcast and rainy thanks to that pesky storm Andrea. While I don't mind the cooler weather and rain, I would like to break out my sunglasses this weekend.

summer sunnies

I need them all, obviously.  Don't forget to come link up with Alison so you can see some other fabulous shades to last you through the summer and beyond.

Link Love

  • In need of a fabulous cocktail? Natalie's got you covered with these cute printables
  • I loved this board of four favorites. Definitely thinking about this color scheme for my new apartment. 
  • This is SUCH a good idea for decorating an apartment! Who doesn't love Washi tape?
  • I've been on a quinoa kick lately. Definitely going to attempt to make this little cake
  • Shay had a great list of books to read in your twenties. I had better get a move on if I want to get it all done!
Since it's supposed to be rainy tonight I may just stay in and do a little reading in bed. I went to the library yesterday and picked up a few books to read to prep be a bit for law school. I doubt I'll make it through all of them, but I'm just feeling so antsy about all the upcoming change, I felt I needed to do something tangible.

Anyways, have a fabulous weekend dolls! Oh... and don't forget about the Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Winning in White

Are four day weeks not the best? I can hardly believe it's Friday, but I'm certainly not complaining! This week's Friday's Fancies theme is very appropriate, as summer time weather has officially arrived in DC.

winning in white

Flower dress / Topshop leather shoes / Accessorize evening handbag / Kate Spade earrings / French Connection stainless steel jewelry, $145 / San Diego Hat Co. wide brim hat

Honestly I'm still way behind in my reader... so I haven't gotten to troll through as many posts as I would like, but I certainly still have some link love to share with you all.

Have a great one gals!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Memorial Day Diva

We made it again folks! Boy am I glad this week is over, and it's a three day weekend to boot! Yay! since my days in DC are numbered I've decided to stick around town and take in some of the best sights this city has to offer. A National's game on Sunday, the Memorial Day Concert on the mall on Monday, it's going to be great! And I'm pretty sure this is the perfect outfit for all that gallivanting around town.
memorial day

How cute is this seersucker dress? First of all I love anything seersucker, but how perfectly patriotic for Memorial Day weekend right?

Since I'm going to be out and about quite a bit I'll definitely putting my sunscreen supplies to good use. Don't forget ladies! No one wants wrinkles or skin cancer!

Okay, now for a little link love. PS I hope y'all are liking this new weekly feature! It's quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  • Need a one stop show for creative blog resources? Ashley Ella Designs put together a great one this week! So helpful. 
  • Like any true southern girl I love me some boiled peanuts, but I've never thought to make them for myself. Thankfully Carlene is here to rescue us all with this recipe. Rumor is she's going to make boiled peanut hummus soon too. Yum. 
  • Since summer is unofficially here we all need to remember to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Here's 12 things you're doing wrong with your sunscreen right. 
  • I'm SO doing this to my vanity! 
  • How amazing does this chicken sound? I love all of her recipes, but this one is just calling my name! 
  • I think I've found my next DIY project! I love this camera strap

Alright gals! I hope y'all have a fabulous long weekend!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

South Moon Under Shopping

Last week I made the trek out to South Moon Under in the Mosaic District in Fairfax for the Rebecca Minkoff trunk show, and let me tell y'all it was well worth the adventure. I know I'm making this sound like it's hours outside the city, but like many other district dwellers I rarely venture out to virginia, let alone outside the beltway! 

Honestly though, I wish I had done it sooner. Fabulous boutique shopping, many of my favorite DC area restaurants and target in one place? I don't even have to pay for parking? Amazing. Anyways, South Moon Under is a gem, so many unique and on trend pieces I definitely know where I'll be doing my shopping from now on. 

I was beyond impressed with the selection, and hey a 20% off night doesn't hurt either right? 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gilded Stripes

Well folks, we made it once again! Happy Friday! I can tell already this summer is just going to fly by (yay/sad).  This week has been an absolute whirlwind and I really don't know where the time keeps going! But anyways, let's talk about more exciting things like Friday's Fancies. I decided to go a bit more formal for Friday's Fancies this week. While the theme was stripes, I seemed to be craving any and everything gold.
striped fun

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely and completely obsessed with this pencil skirt! 


Oh my gosh y'all! somehow I forgot to do a little link love this week! How did that happen? Maybe because I stayed up entirely too late last night watching the epic office series finale. Before we get to link love can we just talk about the office for a minute? Oh my gosh, I'm so sad. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I think that's more in the fact that it's ending not so much the writing. I was definitely great to see the whole gang together one last time and get some resolutions for so many of my favorites. Seriously. Thursday nights are never going to be the same. 

Okay, enough ranting about TV. Link Love time. 
And that is all she wrote. Happy Weekend Y'all! I'm finally seeing Gatsby and checking out Opera in the Outfield. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy this lovely weather! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surprise Kate Spade Sale!

Guess what happened yesterday? I was just minding my own business checking emails on my phone when all of the sudden I see this gem...

Yep. Time to break out the credit card. While I'm not going too crazy (with moving and law school on the horizon I'm trying to save money like crazy), but I have a few gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. So I need y'alls help! What should I get?

I do actually need a new wallet. I've been rocking the same (fake *gasp* D&B wallet for over 2 years).

I am obsessed with this blue beauty. 

This wallet is HUGE, such a steal. But how do I feel about the orange? Hmm...

Blue. Patton. Leather. Need I say more? 

Or maybe I should get some fun jewels? You can never have too many right? 

Gumdrop Studs

These studs have been a go-to gift of mine lately. They are so fun and chic, and everyone loves them! Maybe it's time I get some for myself. Plus, hello? $19? 

How fun are these beauties? 

And just for fun, maybe a new bag?

A perfect fun little beauty to run around town with me on the weekends? I think so.

Or maybe this one? Perfect for toting law books around New Orleans right? I think so. 

So, what should I do? Get a wallet I need? a fun little bit of glitz? or splurge for another bag? Or is there something out there I'm not seeing? Hmm... you can shop the whole sale here. Did I mention it ends TONIGHT! Hurry up and get to shopping gals. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Fancies

Wow. I cannot believe it's Friday yet again! The days seem so long, but the weeks are short. This week marked the 100 days to law school count down. Can you believe it? I certainly can't.

Lately I've been itching to embrace my inner hipster on the weekends. I think it's my new camera, I feel  so much "cooler" if I dress the part of a hipster photographer as I try to learn how to take a decent picture.

weekend wear

What's more comfortable than a flowy maxi dress and some havainas for walking around the farmers market? Yoga pants, but that's not chic enough for Friday's Fancies.

Now I have a little link love for the week.

  • How great are these prints from Ashley Ella design? I'm definitely going to print these for a gallery wall in my new place.  
  • I'm always trying new face masques but after this review I think I may have found a new favorite. Have y'all ever tried something like this? Let me know.
  • Lately I've been loving getting tips on how to be a better blogger. I've fallen into a bit of a blogger rut, so in an effort to change things up I'm following all of Sarah's tips.
  • This Lemon Basil Jello definitely peaked my interest this week. One of my favorite flavor combos in squishy form? I'm in. 
  • The Beauty Department is one of my go-to's for any and everything hair and beauty. I loved this tutorial for soft waves. This actually inspired my hair yesterday. Super duper easy. 
  • Two of my favorite beauty bloggers in once place this week? Loved it!!! 

Alright boys and girls. I'm signing out for the weekend! I'm heading to Williamsburg, Va to celebrate my bestie and her husband's law school graduation! PS. How adorable are these two? I'm obsessed with those pictures! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Gingham Dress

A while back I was approached by eshakti to review a dress from their spring line.  If you haven't heard of eshakti before, it's a great concept for perfectly fitting clothes!  They allow you to choose a garment and customize the style (think neckline, sleeves or length). Even better than that, everything is available in any size 0-36W! They have a wide variety of styles too, so there's something for everyone. Love that.

I picked out this dress at the end of February, but it was such a cool spring, I've only just been able to start wearing it. These were taken a few weeks ago and I'm just going to warn you about my blindingly white legs. Sorry. 

Dress c/o eshakti {similar | love this one}, glasses {target}, Shoes {old}, Watch {michael kors}

Thanks to my lovely photographer for playing with me in the middle of the DC streets. We live life on the edge.

*I was gifted the dress in exchange for review, but as always all thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tick Tock

The other day I was horrified when I noticed that some of the gold plating has rubbed off my favorite Michael Kors watch. I'm taking it as a sign that I need to add a new watch into the rotation (the only logical choice right? I think so).  While my pre-law school budget probably isn't going to allow me to treat myself to any of these a girl can still shop. 

These are a few of my favorites. All very different styles, so let me know which one y'all like best so I can find a knock off ASAP. 

I love the clean face and the leather. A little casual but very classy. 

Obviously I love anything Kate Spade, but this one has been on my wish list for quite a while now. My main trepidation is how similar it is to my michael kors. I feel like I should branch out a bit, right?

I love any and every Michael Kors watch, and this one is no exception. Again with the clean face, but I adore the skinny strap with the big face. 

This one is a totally different look. Square face, leather, chains, etc. It's more of a bracelet than a watch, but I still think it's really fun. Plus since I'll be back in a school environment in three short months I can accessorize a little more casually right?

Now this one... I LOVE the sparkle and the patten leather and the diamonds and the color and did I mention the sparkle? So pretty, but is it a little much. I mean I know it's a lot, but is it too much for everyday life? On the plus side, it's the most affordable of these options. 

Hmm. Decisions decisions. What do y'all think?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Floral Fun

For this week's Friday's Fancies we are featuring our favorite florals for spring. Personally I'm not a huge fan of floral prints, but I'm trying. I came across this gorgeous pink top from j crew and I knew it would be the perfect piece to build a floral outfit around. The only problem? I've fallen for too many floral pieces! Who knew?

Floral Favorites

On the left I feel like the shoes steal the show, but with some bright color blocking and a gorgeous kate spade watch I think it balances well. But if you wore this outfit you certainly couldn't be afraid of color!

On the right the floral combo is a little more traditional. Add in some fabulous flats, a little sparkle (y'all know I had to) and a fun bangle and you're all set for a spring brunch.

As always come join the fun over on {AV}'s blog!

Now for a new tradition on this blog, Friday Link Love!

I loved getting to catch up with Alissa this week, especially because she was wearing this fabulous outfit! I love her in florals and neon!

Meg is one of my go to blogs for beauty advice and I loved her April favorites post.

Tabitha never fails to make me laugh out loud, this post featuring her attractive bald fiance M had cracking up.

Allyssa had a great mother's day gift guide which has definitely given me some great shopping ideas.

Congratulations Liz on your big announcement this week! I'm so excited to have another blog friend navigating the craziness of law school!

As for the weekend, I'll just be hanging around town trying to enjoy this gorgeous spring weather we've been having. Soaking up as much DC time as I can!!! What do y'all have planned?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Black and White Stripes for Spring

This spring I'm loving the black and white striped combo that seems to be popping up everywhere. Today I wanted to show you a few on my wish list. Some are realistically in my budget, others not so much. But hey, a girl can dream right?

ASOS, $26.60 

I absolutely love this skirt, and think it would be a perfect transition piece for these cool spring mornings. 

This dress is just perfection. I love the feminine cut, and the pop of purple is so much fun. 

JCP, $21

This JCP dress is cute too if you want to try out multiple trends in one cost effective look. 

I love the cut of this dress. All the different stripes going in different directions? As a sewing newbie I'm awed with how perfectly the seams line up. 

I'm loving the kind of ombre effect of this dress. 

How can you not love this? That's all I can say. 

Also, I went to the Blogger Scene Spring Cocktail party last night! It was hosted by the lovely girls of Fashionably Broke and Ashley of Ashley in DC. I got to catch up with some of my favorite gals, Alissa, Erin and Erin and meet so many new friends!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Fancies

I've been doing some thinking lately. Since I'm going to be moving to a whole new city where I don't know anyone, I'm going to have a completely fresh start. If I want to, I can totally reinvent myself. So who do I want to be as a law student? I'm not sure, but it's made me realize that I want to push myself out of my comfort zone.

This look is a tad on the edgy side for me (which is a look I rarely embrace), growth right?

dance in the rain

Prabal Gurung full skirt dress / Nine West flat / Low heel shoes / John Lewis black patent handbag, $59 / Marc by Marc Jacobs stainless steel jewelry, $250 / Amrita Singh dangle earrings / Rose necklace / Lulu Guinness striped umbrella

I loved the prabal dress from target earlier this year and when I saw the umbrella I knew exactly what direction I wanted to go.

What do y'all have planed for the weekend? I'm going to be running around town enjoying the spring weather while it lasts, working on my DC bucket list and taking a ton of pictures on my fancy camera. Get excited folks. You are about to be inundated with probably pretty terrible pictures for a while, but I'm excited, so you should be too!

Happy Friday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little White Dress

After living in the South for 25 years I can tell you, we have some strange traditions. One that I've never really understood is the unwritten rule that girls wear white dresses to graduation. I suppose it's somewhere along the lines of a cotillion or coming out of sorts... so it kind of makes sense, right?

Well I have quite a few friends graduating school in a few short weeks, so if any of you out there are on the hunt for the perfect little white dress I've pulled a few gorgeous options for you! 

This dress is "currently unavailable" on ModCloth, but I love it so much I had to share anyways. Any southern girl who loves pearls is probably gasping somewhere at the perfection that is this dress. I need to come up with an excuse to wear this. Anyone getting married this year? Please wear this to a rehearsal dinner for me? k. Thanks. 

White Spot Jacquard Dress, Dorothy Perkins

I love the subtle polka dot of this dress, and I think this cut is flattering for just about everyone. Graduations are definitely a time to be on the more conservative side, so I love the high neckline, but the fit and flare keeps it current and attractive.  Plus it's on sale. You've got to love that. 

This dress is super classic, but the subtle wave pattern adds a bit of visual interest. I personally can't pull of shift dresses, but I love how effortless they look. Add some pearls, and you're the picture of southern perfection.

Brocade Peplum Dress, Ark and Co, Piperlime

I love peplum and this dress is just so perfect it really doesn't require much at all. 

Personally, this is the route I would go. The embellished silver studs across the top provide the perfect visual interest, making it not your average white dress. To me it feels slightly edgy, but it sparkles too so what more could you ask for? 

So, are you graduating this year? If so, what are you wearing? 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Pop of Neon

I'm not going to lie. I've not been the biggest fan of the neon trend. While my personal style is pretty colorful, neon just strikes me as a bit abrasive. Needless to say when I saw this week's topic I made it my mission to find a neon look I would actually wear.

When I came across this dress, I knew this was it.

pop of neon

Jessica Simpson shift dress, $175 / Double breasted trench coat, $990 / Giuseppe Zanotti heels / Blue Nile peridot jewelry / Reeds Jewelers

While this isn't exactly the most affordable look I've ever put together, I absolutely love it! So how do you feel about neon? How have you managed to work it in to your style? I need some help!

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