Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Lately

Hello Hello! Long time no see y'all! I'm back from my whirlwind of a weekend road trip. Let me just tell you it's been a crazy few days.  After Mardi Gras on Friday Night, KJ and BW and I headed down to surprise our favorite food blogger for her 25th birthday! We met up with one of our favorite people aka Cal-Scnie who came down from Connecticut and her brother, and had an absolute blast. Kings, several 40's of High Life and some duct tape are key ingredients for a good night.


Then Sunday the crew headed back to DC, while I was heading further south. 

Unfortunately one of my oldest and dearest friends just lost her mom to brain cancer after a long two year battle. The loss was absolutely heartbreaking for Becca, her family and those of us who knew and loved Susan. She was one of the most amazing people I'll probably ever know, and the void she leaves in our lives will surely never be filled, but I'm so glad that I could take a few days off to help remember her and beautiful spirit in Atlanta.  

En route to Georgia, I arranged a tour and interview at a law school in Richmond, Virginia. It was very strange being back in class after almost three years, but I'm so excited to go back to school! I absolutely loved Richmond, and could definitely picture spending a few years there. PLUS two of my favorite bloggers live there, so obviously I need to move there and raid their make-up collections. 

Next I got in the car and drove South. South. South. I arrived to Atlanta around 6:30 on Monday night, and was gone again by 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. It was nice to be back "home" but of course the reason for the visit was not. 

Tuesday night I made it to Greensboro, NC where I grabbed a hotel room and crashed for the night. Conveniently another law school I applied to is located in Greensboro, so I spent the morning touring the school and the downtown area.

Then I was on the road again, but road fatigue was definitely setting in. The brilliant Lauren had the idea to meet for a late lunch in Petersburg, VA at this cute little pub. If you're ever in the area, I would highly recommend stopping! The menu was great. I had an amazing chicken salad sandwich, Lauren had bacon and  brie, and Jason had a really fantastic burger. Done. 

Finally we got back on the road for the FINAL stretch. I made it home in the heart of rush hour (good planning on my part) and unpacked.

Then I had one of the best nights EVER! I got an email promptly at 9:30 pm notifying me I had been accepted to Law School! Ironically the very one I had visited that morning! I screamed. Did a happy dance and promptly bought myself a gorgeous new Kate Spade bag big enough for plenty of law books.

It was perfect. Now I'm back to work and ready to get back to normal after the whirlwind of this last month.

PS, don't forget to enter my mardi gras giveaway! It ends tonight!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Some Inaugural Sparkle c/o Rent the Runway 

Ladies night with my girl

Inaugural fancies 

Pretty flowers 

Mardi Gras Prep 

Late night shenanigans. #dontjudgemeplease

Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, VA

Mardi Gras Madness

PS. I just discovered Snap Chat, thanks to my lovely friend and reader Callie, and I need more friends. @EmPri88. Add me yo. 

Happy Tuesday Girls

Monday, February 4, 2013

Color Crush: Dusk Blue

Continuing my obsession with Pantone's colors of the year (as I mentioned here and here) I wanted to keep shopping for one of my other favorite colors from the line up.

Dusk Blue is absolutely gorgeous. I love that it can be a relaxing cool color, but it's easily punched up if you add in a more vibrant shade. My bedroom in high school was actually very similar to this color... man was I a trendsetter or what?

Dusk Blue

Anyways. I am heading to Georgia today for a funeral--- so if I'm a tad slow to return comments I apologize. It's going to be a super quick trip, but I'll be back to real life on Thursday. Until then friends.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mardi Gras and a Giveaway! CLOSED

Guess what starts TODAY????

Yay! You thought I was done with all the black tie gala's after the Inauguration? Ha. Lies. Tonight starts a three day extravaganza of mardi gras craziness in the District of Columbia. So for the next three nights I'll be dancing until the whee hours of the morning at the Washington Hilton. 

So... just because I love y'all I'm going to get a box of mardi gras swag together and send it off to you to in time to celebrate the real mardi gras in a week or so. You can expect lots of beads, koozies and maybe a few other surprises.

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