Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cocktail Hour: Cherry Bloom

Guess what? The Cherry Blossoms have finally decided to start blooming! Yay! They should start peaking in a few days, and since I'll have quite a few visitors in town this weekend I'm sure we'll do our best to get out and explore! To celebrate, I'm going to make a few of these concoctions this weekend to celebrate all the pink prettiness around town! 

The Cherry Bloom
This couldn't be simpler, and if you like sweet cocktails, this one is right up your alley! Get excited!

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 TBSP grenadine (or cherry juice)
  • Club Soda (or try sprite/ginger ale)
  • Mint and Cherry for garnish

In a tall glass full of ice combine vodka and grenadine syrup. Top with soda, then garnish.

And you're done. It's perfectly pink, and can easily be adjusted to your preferred level of sweetness.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Things

Obviously this little game of tag has been floating all over the blog world for a few weeks now, but who doesn't like to learn more about the girl behind the blog?  Alissa and Shannon both tagged me last week, so here we go...

1. I'm a texture freak. I cannot stand something if it as a strange texture. It's mostly a food thing: grapes HAVE to be hard, peaches have to be super soft, tomatoes are terrifying (I've only been able to eat raw tomatoes in the last year). But then I also get the same way about fabric: sheets and bedding? Have to be super soft and smooth right out of the pack.

2. Mayonnaise grosses me out more than I can handle. I like both ingredients in Mayo, so one would think I'd like the stuff. But there's just something about that thick gloppy cream that just freaks me out. I made deviled eggs for Easter this weekend, and normally I would use Greek yogurt for creaminess (it's great I promise), but I was out. Literally the only thing in my fridge was mayo. So I used as little as humanly possible. Then I tasted one. They were great, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat them because I knew they were "packed" with mayo. eww... so gross.

3. I'm addicted to sleeping. I really am starting to think it's a problem. I really think I need 10 hours a night. But I just don't have that much time in my day. I've tried cutting down caffeine, upping my exercise, shutting down all electronics before bed. Nothing works. 8 hours is just not enough. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

4. I'm messy. Like my room is never clean. I've improved significantly in recent years, and am generally able to contain my mess to my own room (though my roommates may tell you otherwise). I've come to terms with the fact that my vanity will never ever be clean, but my bedroom also doubles as my closet (DC living) so clothes just seem to end up all over the place!

5. I'm terrified of law school. The scary amount of work-- like 12+ hour days every days for the next three years? eek.  Getting caught unprepared in class and looking like an idiot in front of my soon-to-be-peers? inevitable but still not fun. Oh and then there's the amount of debt this is going to put me in. I'm definitely not one to live beyond my means, so living more or less on loans for the next three years is making me sick.

I  tag Jessica (but she posted her 5 today already), Betsy, Nicole, Sara and Jenn.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Color Crush: Linen

With spring officially here, I'm loving transitioning out of my darker clothes into something a little brighter. But sometimes I can go a little overboard with the color. 

That's why for this installment of color crush, I'm loving Linen. It's enough of a color to not completely wash me out, but still is a classy neutral for a new season.

Color Crush: Linen

Oasis low v neck dress/ Alexander McQueen cocktail dress / Pencil skirt/ Rebecca Minkoff handbag / DKNY tote / Burberry jewelry / Summer Look 58 / Fine jewelry

I love that shirt dress, and almost picked one up this weekend at Nordstrom Rack. I'm still thinking about it... so I may have to go back. I'm also loving the idea of a linen colored bag for spring.

What color are you loving so far this season?

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Monday, April 1, 2013


Let me just preface this post by saying, "Happy April Fools Day!" But my announcement is not a trick... though I thought about fooling you.

Today is April 1 aka deposit deadline day for many law schools. I hinted this weekend that I've made a decision, but now I'm ready to let you all know where I'll be spending the next three years of my life...

Yep. I'm heading south to Cajun Country. I'm going deep into the heart of Blue Dog country to New Orleans!

I can't thank y'all enough for taking this journey with me. Reading all of my many posts and tweets about the LSAT, my concerns about where to in these recent weeks. I got so many encouraging emails, tweets and comments from y'all, and I honestly don't know that I could have kept my sanity without y'all.

Now this news is definitely bittersweet. I'm really terribly upset about leaving the district I've called home for the last three plus years, but this is the best fit for me. Plus don't you worry, I plan on returning to DC frequently to visit. I really can't believe that I'm leaving, but I'm going to make the most of the four months I have left here, and I hope you'll join me!

Also... I don't think I read any NOLA blogs. Do you write/read any blogs from down there? I'd love to make a few blog friends before I arrive this summer!

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