Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Beach Day Essentials

Unfortunately I don't have any beach trips lined up this summer, but you never know I might throw in a day trip somewhere. Growing up we spent weeks ever summer at my family's little beach cottage on St. George Island on the Florida panhandle. We have some fantastic memories there with some good friends and family, and beach trips haven't really been the same since my parents sold it.

beach day essentials

GANT slim shirt / Pleated maxi skirt, $23 / Miu Miu bow bandeau bathing suit, $155 / River Island gold handbag, $38 / GUESS hat / GUESS by Marciano sunglasses / Sun care / Turquoise Teshvikiye Linen Turkish Towel

What's a beach day with out a little touch of glam right? I typically try to cover up as much as I can when traveling to and from the shore, I always seemed to get the worst sunburns walking home. Seriously I love oxfords to lounge around in and they provide tons of coverage from those intense florida rays. To keep the look from veering too far into prepster-ville I added the sparkly bag and the white maxi skirt. Then add a floppy hat, some cute sunnies, oh and the perfectly classic girly suit. Perfect beach wear.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life Lately

Sorry for all of the radio silence lately. All of my crazy travels have caught up with me and I've got some kind of nasty chest cold that makes me hurt everywhere every time I breathe. It's horrible. Anyways, here's a little life lately recap according to instagram. Hope y'all have a fabulous Thursday! 

Congressional Baseball Game \\ Cocktails at Zeba 
Loving Leopard \\ Philly Cheesesteak at Reading Market 
Colonial Brews in Philly \\ Gorgeous Weather in DC 
Rainy Weather in DC \\ Emerald Colorblocking

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Happy Tuesday Folks! Unfortunately my trip home from Arkansas last night was less than smooth and I didn't get home until 3:00 am. Fun times let me tell you. So this morning I don't have much for you so I'm going to do a little life currently.

Listening to the 9:00 hour of the today show. I'm just not ready for hard news this morning.

Loving that I have a four day week this week and next week. So much better than five day weeks.

Drinking coffee, diet coke, red bull? I need caffeine, and I don't have any right now. What should I get.

Reading way too many emails. After that, I'm about to start Simple Rules for a Complex World. Fun right? Got to love that pre-law school reading list.

Wearing a soft floral skirt, a cami and a cardi. Not my best but I got 4 hours of sleep, what do you want from me.

Thinking that it really sucks that I still don't know where I'm living in 5 weeks.

Feeling sleepy, stressed, bored.

Wondering if today will go quickly so I can get home and take a nap.

Realizing that I only have 40 days left in DC! Ahh!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Summer Wish List-- Target Maxi Dresses

Greetings! As you read this, I'm on the road to New Orleans for a little weekend visit with my Mom. So far my little vacation has been lovely (minus the crazy early mornings two days in a row). Today marks the first official day of summer, and let me tell you it feels like it! DC has still been cool, but Arkansas and Louisiana are quite warm, let me tell you.

For this week's Friday's Fancies theme we are discussing our summer wish list. Mine is long, but since I'm moving I've put myself on a spending freeze! I don't want to have to move anything extra! Whatever doesn't fit in my Jetta isn't going to make it with me to NOLA.  I have been lusting over one piece... and I think I could make an exception to the spending freeze. The Target Jersey Maxi Dress.

Summer wants

Mossimo petite dress / Mossimo pocket dress / Mossimo see through dress / Mossimo petite dress

Are they not killing it lately? That black and white one, first introduced to me by the lovely Alissa, I'm obsessed. 

Wish me luck house hunting this weekend, and please excuse me for potential delayed posts next week as I'm traveling Sunday and Monday! Have a great one gals!

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