Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Summer Wish List-- Target Maxi Dresses

Greetings! As you read this, I'm on the road to New Orleans for a little weekend visit with my Mom. So far my little vacation has been lovely (minus the crazy early mornings two days in a row). Today marks the first official day of summer, and let me tell you it feels like it! DC has still been cool, but Arkansas and Louisiana are quite warm, let me tell you.

For this week's Friday's Fancies theme we are discussing our summer wish list. Mine is long, but since I'm moving I've put myself on a spending freeze! I don't want to have to move anything extra! Whatever doesn't fit in my Jetta isn't going to make it with me to NOLA.  I have been lusting over one piece... and I think I could make an exception to the spending freeze. The Target Jersey Maxi Dress.

Summer wants

Mossimo petite dress / Mossimo pocket dress / Mossimo see through dress / Mossimo petite dress

Are they not killing it lately? That black and white one, first introduced to me by the lovely Alissa, I'm obsessed. 

Wish me luck house hunting this weekend, and please excuse me for potential delayed posts next week as I'm traveling Sunday and Monday! Have a great one gals!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your mini vacay! Good luck with house hunting, sending amazing real estate vibes your way! ;)

Jessica Manning-Garner said...

I've been dying for that black & white striped one, but they never have my size. I'm been trying to snag it for weeks!

jackie jade said...

looooove maxi dresses and target always has some perfect ones! have a lovely weekend trip!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

The Pink Growl said...

Love all of these! I just got a new one with asymmetrical stripes so we'll see how that works out.

birdie to be said...

Great picks! Can't believe theyre all Target!

Alissa Kelly said...

I'm telling you, I wear the b&w one ALL THE TIME! I just wore it to Target lolz SO comfy and cute!

Have a good weekend!


tara said...

ohh i love them! i think you need them all! ;)

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Love love love these picks lady! I hope you're having an amazing trip!
xx, Maya

Allison @ In the Queen city said...

I saw that black and white big stripe maxi at Target and was soooo tempted it buy it!! The clothes section of Target has been sooo amazing/ dangerous lately!

99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall said...

I have the black & white maxi and it is probably one of my favorite target purchases, ever! Love the other striped one as well... you can never go wrong with stripes and stripes and stripes... esp at that price :) good luck house hunting, hope it went well!

99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall

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