Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Randoms

It's another Thursday and I'm loosing steam, so I'm writing another blog post in bullet form. Hope you enjoy.
  • Did you see May Books on Groupon right now? 12.99 for 1, 24.99 for 2. I have one and LOVE it. Great deal. I'll be making my academic calendar with them for sure.

  • Speaking of groupon, I finally bought a "learn your dslr" class. Hopefully that means y'all will be seeing more pictures around these parts. 
  • I just bought a very bright neon pink blazer on crazy sale at gap last week. I have no idea what to wear it with. Thoughts? I'm thinking blues? tans? whites? 
  • I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time last week at the newest Shobha salon just south of Dupont circle. It was quite the experience. Blog post to come. I got to catch up with some lovely bloggers though! So fun
  • I cannot wait for the Southern Blog Society Meet up in Charlottesville this weekend. I so excited to finally meet some of my blogging favorites. 
  • Did you hear? 50% off Frappuccinos through July 16th. This is happening. Today. If I can bare to head out into the heat.
  • How cute is this skirt. Gray and Gold? Definitely on the top of my wishlist.  
  • I finally got my new computer for school yesterday! I'm leaving the mac land for a lenovo. Honestly though, the one I got was comparable to a mac book pro (15 inch) and it was essentially half the price. I do have to learn windows 8 though... there's definitely a learning curve for this mac girl.
  • I LOVED getting to catch up with a few of my favorite gals this weekend. 

  • I cannot believe I'm leaving DC in 16 short days. Cannot BELIEVE IT. 
  • Even more so, I cannot believe that I'll be back in a classroom one month from today! It's been three whole years... hope I remember how to take notes :)
  • How absurd is this weather? It feels about 25 degrees cooler in New Orleans than in DC right now. Absolutely ridiculous. 


Jessica Manning-Garner said...

Pink Blazer: Black or white tee (or tank) and jeans. Add silver or leopard pumps to punch it up!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

$17 for that skirt is not a bad deal.

I love those May books but have no need right now!

birdie to be said...

Great recap! Loving those books and cant' wait to see the pink blazer! :)

Smartificial Sweetener said...

Pair that hot pink blazer with a white sheath dress! So summery and gorgeous!

Can't believe you're leaving so soon, hopefully we can get one last real life hang?


Hill said...

I have a bright pink blazer that I wear with a navy dress, nude shoes, and pearls. It's fun, but still conservative

Lauren said...

Are the frappachino deals from Starbucks?

love those Maybooks!

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