Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Time for a little break

Greetings from beautiful Jefferson county Ohio! I am three days in to campaigning and absolutely loving it. I can't even describe to y'all what a high this experience has been already. I am just so excited to be here. I'm excited be working to re elect the president. I'm excited to finally have some real responsibility and autonomy in a job. I love that I'm actually useful and I'm making a difference. I'm so energized by this experience and excited to take it back to dc in a few weeks.

The work is exhausting. The hours are longer than I could have ever dreamed. Down time is basically enough to squeeze in a shower and maybe a few hours of sleep.

But this is it y'all. This is why I love politics. I love being on the grassroots level. I didn't realized how much i missed interacting with the constituents (out here folks are actually nice and appreciative unlike Capitol Hill, so it's a little different). I moved to dc to be a part of the system. To actually help make America better! But 3 years later I've stalled, become pessimistic and selfish. I needed this experience to remind me of who I want to be and what I want to do. Help people.

A few folks have sent me questions about the debate the other night. I tweeted up a storm the whole time (@bluedogbelle) so if you want specifics, just go to my feed. I will say briefly that I loved the debate, not because I believe my candidate won, but because I thought it was politics at its finest. The difference and priorities of the two parties could not have been more apparent, and that's what we need at this point. For me it was abundantly clear that I support the president. I will do everything I possibly can to see that he is reelected.

So that brings me to a final note that you may have gathered from the title of this post. It's important to me to give everything to this effort I can, and in order to do that I am going to have to step away from the blog for a minute. I will be back shortly after Election Day, though, i was a superstar blogger and scheduled out a few more posts while im here. I promise to keep tweeting and instagramming up a storm. But bloggies, I will see you in a few weeks. If we don't talk again before Election Day, please please please go vote. It's so easy and oh so important. I've completely uprooted my life to do something I so passionately believe I. But I can't do anything more than attempt to urge you to educate yourself on the issues and the candidates and make an informed choice on Election Day. I don't care who you vote for. Ok woah, step that back. I urge you to vote for Barack Obama, but the choice is solely yours. Please go make that choice on November 6. Please just vote.

See y'all soon folks. Fired up and ready to go.



Betsy said...

have a GREAT time out there! see you on the flip side :)

Mree said...

Great post. Everyone needs to get out and Vote!! Safe Travels!!

Allyssa said...

Have an amazing time!

Jen said...

Have an amazing time out there! :)

Bekuh Browning said...

You go girl! What an awesome, and amazing thing you're doing. You are a true civil servant. Take a break, enjoy the ride, and come back to tell us all about it :)

Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife said...

FIRED UP! <3 When you officially come back, it will be with much excitement over the re-election of our amazing President. And I can't wait. :)

Nat said...

Love hearing your enthusiasm!!! Woohoo!! Take a break and enjoy it- I think it would be amazing to be in your shoes and experience what you're experiencing!

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