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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Braided Crowns

Thank you all for your sweet comments from my post on monday. I'm definitely a little nervous to get into fashion posts, but all of your overwhelmingly positive notes and emails make it worth it. I got quite a few questions about the braided head band.  I pinned a tutorial on pinterest, but I thought y'all would like me to take you through it, and since this pin was so perfect (and I've been living under a pile of LSAT books---aka no time to put together my own tutorial)
I'm SO loving this look. It's really easy, and such a cute option to spice up up your everyday do. 

I would recommend a few adjustments. I like a little more poof. Shocking I know. So tease away my friends. 

You may want to practice the braid a few times, because you have to braid "up" or straight out (not down). You'll understand when you try it. Just warning you... your arms may get tired. 

Braid all the way to the end of your hair (or else you'll get weird fly-a-ways)

Hope this helps girls. 

I came across a similar tutorial from one of my favorite beauty/fashion bloggers, Keiko Lynn and I thought this was another cute take on the braided headband idea. I just wish my hair was long enough to try it!

via | Keiko Lynn
Happy Wednesday!

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