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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Gingham Dress

A while back I was approached by eshakti to review a dress from their spring line.  If you haven't heard of eshakti before, it's a great concept for perfectly fitting clothes!  They allow you to choose a garment and customize the style (think neckline, sleeves or length). Even better than that, everything is available in any size 0-36W! They have a wide variety of styles too, so there's something for everyone. Love that.

I picked out this dress at the end of February, but it was such a cool spring, I've only just been able to start wearing it. These were taken a few weeks ago and I'm just going to warn you about my blindingly white legs. Sorry. 

Dress c/o eshakti {similar | love this one}, glasses {target}, Shoes {old}, Watch {michael kors}

Thanks to my lovely photographer for playing with me in the middle of the DC streets. We live life on the edge.

*I was gifted the dress in exchange for review, but as always all thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Influenster Box

I recently got my Influenster Summer Beauty Box and OMG was I excited!

First it came with this really good Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread flavor. It was so good! I shared with my roommates and we all agreed. This is definitely filling, and great to throw in your purse if you are on the go. 

Sorry if this is an over share, if so please scroll down to the next picture, but you all want my real opinion so I'm going to give it. They sent a sample of the newest tampax products.  A couple of liners and tampons. I have to tell you I'm a loyal tampax pearl kind of a girl, have been for probably a decade. But ladies you may want to switch to radient. I think the packaging is much better (more durable) than pearls. I know this has happened to all of us, you have random tampons floating around in your purse, they get gross, maybe the packaging breaks open, whatever, it's not good when you're in a bind. Let me just tell you, these are great. And they give you a handy pouch!

Okay, welcome back, sorry for the crappy iphone pictures, a new camera is on it's way! Get excited y'all. 

Anyways, next up is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen. I have super pale skin, and I normally go 70+ on the face, 50+ on the body. So this is low for me. BUT I tested this out at the pool a few weeks ago, and I love the formula! If you have sensitive skin, or are trying to avoid fragrance this is not for you. BUT this smells like a tropical beach, and I love it! It's thick, rubs in super easily. I'm a HUGE fan. Bonus, it comes in 12, 30 and 50 SPF.

Then I got some pretty decent size samples of Clear Shampoo and Conditioner. This is the stuff that Heidi Klum keeps talking about on TV. They focus on a clean and healthy scalp, for healthier hair, which makes sense to me. I've been having issues lately of getting my hair clean enough when I wash it (mostly due to having super long hair for me, and I'm not used to how much shampoo I really need), but this stuff is really making a difference. I'm sticking with Pureology for now, but I really like this to get rid of build up.

This Sally Hansen Hand Creme is AWESOME! super moisturizing, but not heavy. I really love it! 

Now THIS is my favorite find of the box. I love nail polish, but I haven't really been on to hop on "trends" like crackle polish, neons and neutrals, etc. This is a Magnetic nail polish by Sally Hansen, and OMG it's so cool. It applies really easily. You do one coat. Let it dry, then do another and while its wet you hold the magnetic cap over the polish for 10 seconds. When you pull it away the effect looks very much like the top you see below. It's wavy and AWESOME. our first reaction was a synchronized audible WHOA! Love it 

*Note: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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