Monday, September 30, 2013


Wow, this month was a blur. It's hard to believe I've been in New Orleans for almost two months! Time flies when you're having fun! Actually, September has been incredibly stressful with school, getting settled in a new city, making new friends, missing old ones, and not really having any time to reflect and adjust. 

law books / bourbon street
Beers and Georgia Football / Hurricanes at Pat O's
My life as a law student / care package from the lovely courtney
Abitas and trivia / interesting opinions about law school in the library
Constitution Day lectures / Begniets in Jackson Square
Lunch on the Law Quad / Relaxing with manis and some reading
coffee / again my life as a law student

As you can see, I've been spending an insane amount of time in the library, but I have been able to get out and watch football a bit. Yay for relaxing! How was your September? 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where's the pause button?

Okay, remember when I said law school was totally manageable? Yah, seems like a lifetime ago. The law school gods have decided to test me this week. I would write a laundry list of all the crap I have going on, but I don't have time and y'all don't really care about the individual stupid things I have to do everyday, so I wont. I will say that those professors sure are bringing it, and I am not exactly coming through with flying colors. They always seem to find the ONE THING you missed in the 20 pages you spent 3 hours reading. ALWAYS. I sure would like to find that pause button so I could get some sleep and catch up on all the stuff I have to do!

But please know that I miss you all terribly, and school is stupid. But it's really not. But it is, because it means I don't have enough time in the day anymore to hang with you lovely ladies. 

10 days to fall break people. 10 days. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Wants

I'm absolutely loving the pleather trend this fall. I'm thinking a black pleather a-line skirt would be a perfect addition to my closet. One's a splurge, one's a major save. Which do you like better?


Monday, September 23, 2013

Moroccan Mix up

Happy Monday Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was great. Too short, but great. Over the next few weeks I want to share with y'all some of my inspiration for my new place here in New Orleans. Oh, and how convenient is it the polyvore added a home section last month? Loving it!!!

Moroccan Mix up

Table lamp / H M throw pillow, $6.39 / Fabric bed frame / Regina-Andrew Design metal accent table / Rug / Jiti linen throw pillow

Now, this is where I wanted to go with my bedroom. Grey headboard, white bedding, gold accents and maybe a pop of color with the pillows.

Not exactly the direction I went, but I'm still loving this look!

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