Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Beauty Tuesday} Pin Curls

Confession. I love curly hair. I have stick straight, flat, fine, blonde hair. It doesn't hold a curl with out a lot of help (and even then not in this humidity). Every hair product I own is "volumizing."Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me why it is so important to actually put some effort into my hair. It was just one of those Monday mornings where the snooze sounds better than a shower. well I snoozed a few too many times and had to take a power shower, in and out in 5 minutes (and I even shaved my legs!) I sped through my make up and I was still late (thank goodness my usual 9:00 am meeting was cancelled), but I had no time for my usual blow dry. So I wore somewhat wet hair to work. By 10:30 I was SO regretting it. With the humidity, what little damage I have from coloring went wild. the rest went limp, and the ends stringy. okay. maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was NOT good.

Don't get me wrong. I love my hair. It's super easy to style, I can pretty much do whatever I want to it, and after I discovered dry shampoo a few years ago, I no longer have to wash it every single day. winning.

That said, I really wish I could wear pretty curls more often. I am pretty good with a curling iron, but I haven't mastered the speed curl. It takes me at LEAST 15 minutes and that's if I'm doing well. Maybe I don't let it set enough, or use enough product before hand, but my curls are usually gone with in an hour or two.

But I'm attempting to change all that. I'm planning on bringing back the pin curl. Well... it's probably one of those looks that never really goes away, but none the less. The pin curl has been the foundation for fabulous hair for decades. Flappers in the 20's? Starlets of the 1940s? seriously good style never really goes out of fashion.


The way I've been doing pin curls as of late isn't exactly the traditional style. (Apologizing in advance, I didn't do a picture tutorial, but I think it should make sense). Like I said I love volume. This is the general technique I use for "quick" curls. (because I rarely have enough foresight to do my hair the night before)

Pretty easy right? Now, normally when I curl my hair, I set it in velcro rollers. For Pin Curls I use "pins" or bobby pins, which make a tighter curl. 


I went on a "pinning" streak  looking for pin curls the other day. If you don't already, I'd love for you to follow me on pinterest here

Here are a few more of my tips for long lasting pin curls:

go light on the conditioner when you wash your hair.  

Use a LOT of mousse, gel or curl enhancing spray (whatever you want). Like use more than you think.

lightly mist hairspray every step of the way. 

Time is your best friend. the longer the curls set the better.

Don't OVER brush. 

did I mention hairspray?

Now go curl your hair, the styling possibilities are endless. 


Kate said...

Those are so pretty! I love curls too- my hair is totally straight and I have trouble getting it to curl for more than a few hours. I should give these tips a try!

Krista @ Blonde Aesthetic said...

I am so terrible at doing anything with my hair. It's pathetic. I never even mastered curling irons. I do use steam curlers though, and that's the best luck I've ever had with curling my hair. I willl have to try this though!!

Jamie said...

Thank you for posting that tutorial, I always wondered how to do pin curls! Can't wait to try it!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Hmm.. I've never tried steam curlers. I have had some luck with hot rollers, but not great. I need to work on my rolling technique I think

Kelsey Heinze said...

Ok so where is the picture of your beautiful curls!? Looks like a lot of work but worth it for a big night out.

Lauren said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial - I'm going to attempt this, because I have never had my hair hold a curl for more than like 20 minutes!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Haha. I know right? I was going to take them monday morning before I left for work, but life got in the way and I looked gross when I finally thought about it. Next time I promise!

Fash Boulevard said...

omg, this post is perfection from start to finish. Great tips, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my pics from the ASOS preview I attended. xo


Blue Dog Belle said...

Good luck LoJo! Let me know how it turns out!

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