Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Novemeber Birchbox

stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer 


Review: LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is a gorgeous cream highlighter. And you can get all three for just $20! This would be a perfect stocking stuffer or just little just because gift. They're all gorgeous shades too!

Masqueology 7D Moisture Cream

Review: really gentile scent. Super creamy. but other than that... ehh. A solid moisturizer but for me, it's not worth the $$.

MCMC Fragrance Phoenix Eau de Parfum

Review: I think I'm one of the only people who LOVE getting perfume samples in their birchboxes. They are always big enough to last a few weeks and now I have so many I can switch up my daily scent all the time (which I love). This has to be one of my favorites. Ever. It's super floral, but it's very light at the same time. 

Masqueology Revitalizing Eye Mask

Review: Okay--- I got this weird face mask from these people a few months ago--- and was less than impressed. Needless to say I was disappointed when I saw this in my box. but OH how I was wrong. These are this cool gel pad that you put below you eye and let it dry. First of all, I was obsessed with looking at these. They're like a mesh surrounded by gel and it's awesome. Second. They totally worked. I've been fighting fatigue like no other lately (mostly because my body hates me because I've put it through the most ridiculous sleep schedule the last 4 months), and bags are gone! Yay!

One Love Organics® Aromatic Body Serum


Review: I'm kind of obsessed with this body serum. It's essentially just a scented oil but I've never really used an  oil to moisturize. I'm in love for real. AND, I apologize if this is TMI, but I've been dealing with some winter eczema on by legs and after only 3 days of using this... it's gone! That has NEVER happened to me before. 

Masqueology Masque Cleanse

Review: More Masquology? I mean--- I know you're trying to sell this stuff in the store Birchbox--- but three products in one box is a little much. I want more of a variety. Needless to say this was a bit of a miss for me. Lightly scented. Cleaned my face. Not worth the price. But I appreciate the sample.


Sunny & Star said...

I really love that Stila Luminizer. It is currently one of my favorite products.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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The Now said...

I NEED to sign up for this Birchbox. It looks like so much fun!!!!!


Jayme and Mendi said...

We were so excited for the Stila!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Lili said...

the highlighter was my favorite from my box too!

Lauren said...

i STILL haven't gotten my birchbox for the month, but i hope mine is like yours!!!

tara said...

well dang, i'm jealous i didn't get the stila!

Samantha Green said...

i really wish we had birchbox in england. it must be so much fun receiving a box of goodies every month! loving this little review :) xx

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