Saturday, November 10, 2012

Homeward bound.

I'm coming home. Today. Right now. AHHH!!!!!!

I need the city. I need the noise. I need the metro. I need the $12 cocktails. 

I missed my bed. My cat. My clothes. My room. My friends. My DVR.

I am NOT cut out for life in the country. Steubenville. It's been real. But I'm coming home. 

What I will miss about Steubenville: the lack of traffic, the ridiculously cheap alcohol, the return to college-like lifestyle, the wonderful friends I made, our amazing vols and supporters, wearing dirty yoga pants everyday and passing as put together. Kroger. Being able to see the stars. Did I mention I didn't get dressed for almost a month? And of course the amazing campaign team. It was only a month, but these people seriously changed my life. You guys should seriously watch out because we are going to be a big deal one day. 

What I will not miss about Steubenville: 97% of the people who live here, the apathy, the amount of uneducated crazy republicans--- I don't care if you're a republican but PLEASE tell me why, the endless hours of fruitless call time. The lack of good coffee.  Everything is fried. The racism. Having to count the lettuce on a burger as a vegetable.  yard signs. Being able to see the stars. Not having time to do laundry.  Not getting to spend enough time playing with makeup. Not sleeping. Yard Signs. Fast Food. Canvassing the ghetto. oh and the yard signs. 

peace out Ohio. It's been real. 


Jen said...

Have safe travels home!!! :)

cynthia said...

Great lists, on both sides. :)

Laura said...

this just COMPLETELY made my day. so funny. welcome to small town midwest, my friend. special, isn't it?

Johlet said...

Well welcome home! haha

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