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Friday, August 2, 2013

Closing a Chapter

This post is a little heavy and personal, if you're here for the usual Friday's Fancies come back next week. Otherwise I commend you for indulging my need to document this major moment. 

I can't believe it, but the day is finally here. Today is my last day at work, tomorrow morning I pack the car and begin the trek to Louisiana. As I've been wrapping up my life in DC I can't help but feel a pang of sadness at the closing of another chapter of my life.

It has been a dream of mine to live in DC since I visited the first time with my Dad at 9 years old. Coming back for Obama's first inauguration in 2009 only solidified my hopes to one day make this city my home. A mere 6 months later I was back for an internship, and less than 6 months after that I made this city my home. Though I didn't arrive for good until age 21, I feel that this town is really where I "grew up" or rather, where I grew into an adult. I'm sure all of you know the feeling, those first few years out of college are pretty tough, but I've made it through and I'm so glad I did it in this city.

At one point DC almost broke me. I almost gave up. After a year of being verbally abused nine hours a day by our wonderful constituents, we lost our election and I was laid off.  Being laid off less than a year after starting my job was tough, but when the months of networking and endless hours writing cover letters weren't paying off it got tougher.  I was rejected from four different positions in 24 hours, I was going into debt, and babysitting odd jobs in attempts to support myself but it wasn't working, I was overwhelmed and then you kicked me in the ass with a parking ticket. Looking back now it seems silly that a $100 parking ticket send me spiraling like it did, but I let my self utterly fall apart that night. But somehow I got through the weekend. Monday morning I woke up bound and determined that I wasn't going down like that, my dreams were not going to be dashed so easily, and you know what? They weren't. Two weeks later I had a great job, I built myself back up and I took on new challenges like an old pro.

 While growing into an adult here has been hard, it's also been wonderful. In the world of politics DC often has negative connotations, but those of us who make this city our home know there is so much more to this city than our divisive politics. The diversity of this city pervades all aspects of the culture. The food, the people, the history, this city always has something new and exciting to offer. The beauty of the Capitol building often takes my breath away, and I'll always appreciate my time working in the halls of Congress.  Lazy weekend days spent at Eastern Market have been a favorite past time, as have the nights on H Street, and the weekends playing tourist. I met some amazing people who are going to accomplish some amazing things. I worked harder and learned more than I thought I could. Most importantly, I discovered a deep love for a good Gin and Tonic at happy hour.

Not only am I leaving this wonderful city behind, but I'm leaving some amazing friends. My two lovely roommates have been an amazing support system for me over the last few years, and I really couldn't ask for better friends. I'll miss you girls more than you know. KJ--- our morning rides to the hill have often been a high point in my day. I'll miss starting my day with our shared laughter at the inappropriateness of the Kane Show, the unpredictable DC traffic and your contagious good moods. BW--- I cannot really fathom life without you down the hall. You've always been there, every day, for the last 14 years. We've basically walked the same path since 6th grade, and for the first time ever our lives are going in different directions. While I can't help but be excited for this next stage, for both of us, it's bittersweet. I miss you both (and Oliver) already.

As I pack up and move on, I'm closing the chapter on this defining few years of my life. I came to DC with a naive dream to change the world and help people. Now I leave with the best memories, matured to what "real life" is like and a plan to change the world and help people.

DC. Thank you. I'll see you in 2016.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Life Lately and a Giveaway!

This is what life has looked like lately according to instagram.

Summer weather has officially made it's way to Washington (though I'm thankful it took it's sweet time). I've been celebrating with lots of time wandering around the hill, watching baseball games, and partaking in a few yummy cocktails.

Even more baseball, late nights with good friends, a few pretty flowers and some new beauty goodies to sample c/o Birchbox and Simple Skincare.

Finally shopping for some baubles at South Moon Under, pretty flowers in my front yard, Cheese Shop deliciousness in Williamsburg, and taking in the breathtaking views of the tidal basin while I still can!

Now, the lovely people over at Shabby Apple would like to give one of you fabulous ladies a $50 giftcard! Great way to start the week, right? If you don't already know, Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses.  Click Here: vintage dresses to see the selection! Winners will be announced on June 12th.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

South Moon Under Shopping

Last week I made the trek out to South Moon Under in the Mosaic District in Fairfax for the Rebecca Minkoff trunk show, and let me tell y'all it was well worth the adventure. I know I'm making this sound like it's hours outside the city, but like many other district dwellers I rarely venture out to virginia, let alone outside the beltway! 

Honestly though, I wish I had done it sooner. Fabulous boutique shopping, many of my favorite DC area restaurants and target in one place? I don't even have to pay for parking? Amazing. Anyways, South Moon Under is a gem, so many unique and on trend pieces I definitely know where I'll be doing my shopping from now on. 

I was beyond impressed with the selection, and hey a 20% off night doesn't hurt either right? 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Perfect Eastern Market Afternoon

Last weekend I ran around eastern market, and I've still be dreaming about how lovely it is. If you've never been you absolutely need to get over there ASAP. The market lies just blocks away from the Capitol building, but it feels like a different world. Everyone just meanders around, shopping, eating, drinking and enjoying a little time off. Honestly this market is one of my favorite things about DC, and I will often miss spending my weekends taking in the sights and sounds of this gem of a market. 

Do you have a favorite weekend haunt? A market? Brunch spot? 


Monday, May 6, 2013

My favorite view in all of DC

The weather in DC has been so fabulous lately. So one day last week I grabbed my camera and ran outside during lunch to try and capture a small piece of the majestic capitol building. I'm so lucky, because I get to enjoy a view of this beautiful building every time I go to work. I know that I might never get that chance again, so I'm trying my best not to take it for granted. 

I mean come on, how gorgeous does this look with the perfectly green trees and the bluest of blue skies?

The monuments are all amazing, and I don't take as much time as I'd like to enjoy them but the capitol building will always be my favorite sight in this city. 

Someone once told me that when the sight of the dome stops taking your breath away, it's time to leave this town. For some reason that little antidote has stuck with me for years. I see the dome driving to and from work, walking around the office, or any time I leave for a meeting. But I try to take a moment each day to appreciate how lucky I am to be here. Working in DC and on capitol hill for the last three years has really been a dream come true, one that I will not soon forget. As frantic and stressful as life can be at times, I really appreciate having such a beautiful view to remind me just how lucky I am.  

*All images are original to Blue Dog Belle. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

A weekend in pictures

So, I took an absurd amount of pictures this weekend. Thankfully for you, I've narrowed it down to just a few. Hope y'all will bare with me as I learn how to take a decent picture. 

Oliver looking sassy

Obsessed with how fun this house is on Capitol Hill

Stunning tulips

More asparagus than any sane person could eat, though I may try.

Pretty Lilacs


Pretty Spring Colors

First trip to Pitango of the season.

Fleur de lis. Seeing NOLA everywhere lately.

Iced Coffee

and a gorgeous latte

Pretty blue sky in the hood. 

Avocado amazingness

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Homeward bound.

I'm coming home. Today. Right now. AHHH!!!!!!

I need the city. I need the noise. I need the metro. I need the $12 cocktails. 

I missed my bed. My cat. My clothes. My room. My friends. My DVR.

I am NOT cut out for life in the country. Steubenville. It's been real. But I'm coming home. 

What I will miss about Steubenville: the lack of traffic, the ridiculously cheap alcohol, the return to college-like lifestyle, the wonderful friends I made, our amazing vols and supporters, wearing dirty yoga pants everyday and passing as put together. Kroger. Being able to see the stars. Did I mention I didn't get dressed for almost a month? And of course the amazing campaign team. It was only a month, but these people seriously changed my life. You guys should seriously watch out because we are going to be a big deal one day. 

What I will not miss about Steubenville: 97% of the people who live here, the apathy, the amount of uneducated crazy republicans--- I don't care if you're a republican but PLEASE tell me why, the endless hours of fruitless call time. The lack of good coffee.  Everything is fried. The racism. Having to count the lettuce on a burger as a vegetable.  yard signs. Being able to see the stars. Not having time to do laundry.  Not getting to spend enough time playing with makeup. Not sleeping. Yard Signs. Fast Food. Canvassing the ghetto. oh and the yard signs. 

peace out Ohio. It's been real. 

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