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Monday, April 29, 2013

A weekend in pictures

So, I took an absurd amount of pictures this weekend. Thankfully for you, I've narrowed it down to just a few. Hope y'all will bare with me as I learn how to take a decent picture. 

Oliver looking sassy

Obsessed with how fun this house is on Capitol Hill

Stunning tulips

More asparagus than any sane person could eat, though I may try.

Pretty Lilacs


Pretty Spring Colors

First trip to Pitango of the season.

Fleur de lis. Seeing NOLA everywhere lately.

Iced Coffee

and a gorgeous latte

Pretty blue sky in the hood. 

Avocado amazingness

Monday, April 8, 2013

A weekend woops....

So, y'all were supposed to get a weekend recap today, but funny story. I told my roommate my phone password to check something while we were driving. Then she decided to break into my phone while we were out at a bar and began to read my texts. Ha. No ma'am. So I immediately snatched the phone from her and changed my password.

Well guess who forgot her new password? Yep. That would be me. Needless to say I had to reset my phone and lost everything (except for my contacts backed up in the cloud, thank the lord). So... no pictures to go with a recap, and we all know that's no fun.

I did get some gallivanting in the cherry blossoms accomplished though. Yay for springtime finally being here!

stolen from another phone

So I'll be back later this week with more antics. Hope y'all had a great one! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

All dressed up with no where to go

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, but full gaffs. First, I drank entirely too much coffee on Saturday, then after getting home from babysitting I couldn't get to sleep until after 2 am. Fail. I was supposed to take a practice LSAT Sunday morning. Well. 2:45 am rolls around. I still wasn't quite asleep when heard the door open and close downstairs. My roommate KJ was out and about, nothing to be concerned about, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Then some time later I turned over and opened my eyes. 

There was an unknown man standing above me. Just staring at me. I swear to god. 

I initially thought it was a dream, but no. There was definitely a man there. I don't entirely remember what I said. I didn't scream or jump or any "normal" reaction. No. I was so taken a back I didn't know what to do. I kind of assumed that KJ may have brought home a gentleman friend and by the time I realized what happened I thought running out would have ruined "the mood," so I stayed put. 

Well I get a text about 90 seconds later from KJ apologizing. Apparently this guy was her drunk married  co-worker who also happens to live in our neighborhood so they were simply sharing a cab, until he invited himself in. At 3:00 am. Needless to say, he was asked to leave shortly there after. It made for quite the interesting morning. Let. Me. Tell. You. 

Sunday was once again filled with LSAT Studying. 18 days folks. But I was so excited to head over to the Dew Drop Swap as I mentioned to y'all on friday. KJ was tagging along so we got ready. Full hair and makeup because lord knows you have to look good when you run into the fashionable bloggerati of the District. Well. We were running late. Shocker. With 5 minutes to spare make it to the building to head upstairs. Once we arrive the place was not quite as hopping as we expected. Nope. Not a sole in sight actually. That's when we realized the swap was on SATURDAY. Another fail on my part. 

Thankfully we redeemed the outing with pumpkin spice lattes. (PS if you're counting calories check out this post from Samantha's Brewed Awakening

So. What is a girl to do when she's all dressed up with no fashionable venues to frequent? Take pictures of herself. Duh. 

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Macy's | Shoes: Nine West | Watch: Michael Kors

I saw this tutorial on pinterest the other night and had to try it. I over did it on the teasing a bit, but I'm kind of obsessed!

Pink and Gold Mani--- also inspired by pinterest here

That's it for today. Hopefully the rest of the week will be slightly less eventful. Though I did appreciate the comic relief. LSAT nightmares have been increasing in frequency of late, so it was a good change of pace.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Morning

Where do the weekends go? I never know. They seem to speed by much faster than the work week though. 

So I don't know if y'all have seen all the ads but I picked this stuff up at the grocery store the other day and OMG is it good. I highly recommend the B&J's greek yogurt. It's a little tangy and super creamy. It comes in a whole bunch of flavors, but this one in particular caught my eye.

Also, I was BEYOND excited when I won Julie's giveaway a few weeks ago. Well my beautiful earrings were delivered on Saturday, and they did not disappoint. They are the drop bling in hazel from JoJo Loves You. They are seriously gorgeous. Thank y'all!

I woke up ridiculously early on Saturday, so I wend for a walk in the hood and found this little joy. so gross.

and sipped on this beauty. amazing.

Sunday I partook in a more fun beverage (bloody mary at the boundary stone)

I'm also trying to get going on my 25 before 25. I tackled a pinterest project/ idea. I love pinning makeup ideas, and this one was beyond amazing. I tried it saturday night and of course forgot to take any good pictures, but I used my nyx smokey palette and the naked palette, and it turned out pretty close. 

exciting weekend. I know. 

Do you know what is exciting? my newest giveaway with Rogue & Co. go here to enter 

Monday, April 30, 2012

And we're back.

Whew. What a whirlwind of a weekend that was. It was one of those weekends jam packed full of awesomeness. Yay. Warning, this is a photo heavy post.

Friday night I hit up Target/Old Navy for a few things to get me ready for Puerto Rico!

I was SOOOO excited to try the BB Cream, and y'all let me tell you I LOVE it. However, I've looked for it in 4 different places now, and cannot find it in "light" so I bought the medium/dark tone. I'm still a little too pale for it, but whatever. I worked it. What do you think?

with the bb cream and LOTS of powder to balance. What do you think? I went on a super fun day date to taste of 8th. It went well... obviously due to my flawless foundation. haha

Saturday night I embraced my hipster side, to the best of my ability and hit up Sticky Rice which was AMAZING as always. For real, if you're in DC trek over to H St for some $3 PBR's and a SUPER FUN dancing. They play EVERYTHING from the 70's to now. Ugh. I love that place. 

Nails of the week are sparkly thanks to inspiration from Blushing Basics, cute right? 

Sunday I went on my first blogger brunch meet up at Scion in Dupont. Somehow we forgot to take a picture, but we had a great time! Thanks again for inviting me Meaghan

Then I ran a few errands around town, and finally got home around 4. But the weather was just too wonderful to spend the waning hours of the weekend doing laundry. I went on an exploratory walk around the neighborhood, and was pleasantly surprised. I found a great park, saw some beautiful flowers, and met some very friendly neighbors. Sorry if you follow me on instagram, follow me @EmPri88, you've seen all of these and then some, but for the rest of you enjoy :)

Did y'all do anything fun this weekend?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday

Oh do I feel better. It's amazing what a weekend with no stress and good friends can do for your mental well being. As I mentioned before I went to Williamsburg, VA with my two roommates BW and KJ to visit my bff and her wonderful husband. I need to settle on a nickname for her (because she has several: LoPro, LoRay, Lars, LoProRay and the Lawfully wedded wife) but Lauren is a wonderful hostess. After a not so horrible drive down 95 with the obligatory stop at Chick-Fil-A we were greeted by the LWW with a variety of the most amazing individual tartlets. Our options were coconut lemon curd nutella cream. Obviously my obsession with chocolate won out and I opted for the nutella. They were so good.

Saturday was wonderful. We hit up this AMAZING Spanish (as in Spain) food store called La Tienda. I did my study abroad in Spain a few years back, and miss it terribly, so I jump for any opportunity for authentic Spanish food.

They did not disappoint. Amazing olive oils, HUGE wine selections, jamon serrano, machego, and some yummy bread. Unfortunately everything was a tad high for my budget, but I picked up some amazing pimenton which is a smoked Spanish paprika that I can't wait to try out once lent is over.

Then we headed off to Alewerks, a local brewery to do a tasting tour. Day drinking is the best, am I right?
The highlight of the weekend though was finding my new child. I have been rocking a Longchamp for a while now, and I love it. but it was time for a new bag. I'm at a point where I  am spoiled appreciate nice things so I wanted to invest in a bag that I can enjoy for years to come. I've been crushing over a Michael Kors Hamilton.

and a Kate Spade Quinn

but I knew there was an outlet for both in Williamsburg so I was holding out.

After much though, a pre-purchase scouting trip on Saturday I settled on an amazeballs satchel from Kate Spade called the Melinda. I love her so.

  My own personal photographer took a few pictures of me showing it off. For your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

*all photos courtesty of the Lawfully Wedded Wife and Google Images
 And in true fashion blogger style: Sweater: Banana Republic, Cami: Forever 21, Top: Michael Kors from YEARS ago, Jeans: INC, Shoes: Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Kate Spade Melinda

Hope y'all have a great day. To read more about the weekend go here.

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