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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Randoms

I'm kind of loving doing a Thursday Randoms post in bullet point form. Some days you just need to, so this may become a weekly thing. (If y'all hates these posts though, let me know)
  • Have you entered my Giveaway yet?
  • Last night I attended my first CapFabb Meet up at the American Ice Company. OMG y'all, I had a great time. Meeting blog friends in real life is such a strange feeling. But I love how you instantly have this great connection, and there's no real awkward small talk. :)
  • I got to see some of my favorites last night, so get ready for some shout outs:
  • I spent most of the evening with Alissa from Feeling Good, Erin from Currently Coveting, Jaime from Forever 81,  and Krista from Blonde Aesthetic
  • I also chatted with the gorgeous Meaghan of District Sparkle. Meaghan was one of the first bloggers I met in real life, and I'm kind of obsessed with her. She is one of those people you know will be super successful one day, and I'm so impressed with her because she's started her own charitable organization, G.L.A.M (giving labels a meaning) and is hosting her first event TONIGHT! If you are in the DC area and don't have plans tonight I would seriously urge you to go out to the event tonight. From everything I hear it is going to be FABULOUS. Even if you can't go (like me) you can go here to donate. Good luck Meaghan!!!
  • I met a few new bloggers too! I'm completely obsessed with Krista's blog
  • HOLY HEALTHCARE! SCOTUS decision is out on the Affordable Care Act. I'm shocked/elated that the law was upheld. I'll post more later. 

  • Oliver (the cat) ran away last night for an adventure around the hood. After 30 minutes of searching the house he just trotted up from across the street, SUPER dirty. Boyfriend got a shower as punishment and hated every minute of it.
  • I'm super excited for the Congressional Baseball Game tonight!
  • I'm also going to the Dew Drop clothing swap this weekend. Do you have your tickets yet? 
  • It has also become clear to me that I need to get blog cards. Does anyone have any recommendations? How many should I order?
  • DUDE. I JUST SAW MITT ROMNEY. omg. omg. omg. his speech on the SCOTUS decision was on the roof of my building at the Goldman Sachs office (hmm...). TOTES saw him coming in.

  • Sorry this is such an uber political post. I'M JUST SO EXCITED!!!! WOOHOO!!!
okay. busy day. back to real life. I promise to be more coherent tomorrow

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Monday

Oh how I wish it was a three day weekend again. Two days off is never enough. This was a pretty perfect weekend though. Friday night was filled with champagne, lots of rain, and my couch. I love just lying on the couch with a blanket in the rain. And champagne makes it significantly better. There is just something so fun about all those sparkly bubbles. 

Saturday was filled with cleaning, reorganizing, and getting rid of some of the crap around our house. I re-tackled this project. I'd been lusting over this look on pinterest for a while now, and I have to sat I love it! BUT it is beyond time consuming, and you can literally play with it for hours. So fun though right?

Saturday night was another epic one. We went to a costume birthday party for the lovely katie. In desperate need of a costume I decided to raid my closet and found my trusty leopard bra and leopard pencil skirt. I love some big hair and make up too, and I've been dying to use these eye rock stickers I got in my birchbox a few months ago. I give you my attempt at being a jersey shore girl.

I know. I can't believe I'm putting this on my blog. 

Also, how have I never used lip liner before? It makes a world of difference!!!

KJ and I had a little too much fun with our glow sticks. 

 bathroom pictures. I had to share.

I was in fine form, let me tell you. My head is still aching. 

BUT the story gets better. We arrive home at 2:30 or so, only to decide we need a frosty (it's really dangerous living 2 blocks from Wendy's) so we go. and we lock ourselves out. and it's 3 in the morning. I tried to break in, but after the wonderful birthday, our house is very secure. dang it. 

So we trek up to KJ's family's house in friendship heights. Fighting AdMo traffic all the way. Called the locksmith in the morning. $89 later that was the most expensive Wendy's trip ever. AND wouldn't you know I didn't even drink my stupid frosty.

Sunday was filled with hangovers, running errands and Blogger Blitz DC organized by the lovely {av}! Y'all I had such a great time! It was so nice to finally meet all these ladies who I've been stalking. I hit it off with several of the girls (no shock there though, I love their blogs so of course I'd love them in real life). 

Happy Monday!

Monday, April 30, 2012

And we're back.

Whew. What a whirlwind of a weekend that was. It was one of those weekends jam packed full of awesomeness. Yay. Warning, this is a photo heavy post.

Friday night I hit up Target/Old Navy for a few things to get me ready for Puerto Rico!

I was SOOOO excited to try the BB Cream, and y'all let me tell you I LOVE it. However, I've looked for it in 4 different places now, and cannot find it in "light" so I bought the medium/dark tone. I'm still a little too pale for it, but whatever. I worked it. What do you think?

with the bb cream and LOTS of powder to balance. What do you think? I went on a super fun day date to taste of 8th. It went well... obviously due to my flawless foundation. haha

Saturday night I embraced my hipster side, to the best of my ability and hit up Sticky Rice which was AMAZING as always. For real, if you're in DC trek over to H St for some $3 PBR's and a SUPER FUN dancing. They play EVERYTHING from the 70's to now. Ugh. I love that place. 

Nails of the week are sparkly thanks to inspiration from Blushing Basics, cute right? 

Sunday I went on my first blogger brunch meet up at Scion in Dupont. Somehow we forgot to take a picture, but we had a great time! Thanks again for inviting me Meaghan

Then I ran a few errands around town, and finally got home around 4. But the weather was just too wonderful to spend the waning hours of the weekend doing laundry. I went on an exploratory walk around the neighborhood, and was pleasantly surprised. I found a great park, saw some beautiful flowers, and met some very friendly neighbors. Sorry if you follow me on instagram, follow me @EmPri88, you've seen all of these and then some, but for the rest of you enjoy :)

Did y'all do anything fun this weekend?

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