Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Birthday to Remember

So remember when I talked about how I didn't really like birthdays?

Yah. This one was probably the worst ever. Actually it could quite possibly be one of the worst birthday's ANYONE has every had.

Let me tell you the story.

I woke up. went to work. my lovely boss surprised me with a beautiful cake, and a co-worker brought me cupcakes. So nice.

Went to my favorite sandwich place, Taylor's, for lunch (PS about to become the mayor of Taylor's on four square, I'm beyond excited). It was great.

Dad sent me a very sweet, but embarrassingly large assortment of balloons to my office.

Boss told me to enjoy the rest of my day and take off early.

Go home. do my hair and makeup. Get ready to go to Cava Mezze with my 2 wonderful roommies.

6:37. Someone knocks on the door. Me assuming its flowers or something being delivered for my birthday answer. It's a random neighborhood teenager who has the wrong house.

6:42. I exit the house through the back door. As I'm locking up I see the same teenager + 3 others ride by in the alley on bikes.

6:44. KJ and I install my new Obama Biden sticker on my car, and joke about how it helps us "blend" into the neighborhood a little bit better.

6:45 leave for the restaurant.

Dinner was great. Grabbed drinks after at Lola's. also great.

10:25 Head home to end a solidly good 24th birthday.

HOWEVER. When I arrive at home our neighbor informs us he thinks our house was broken in to. He saw a couple of teenage kids running out of our house and riding away on bikes. One would think this would prompt him to call the police, but not so much.

So. Our door was completely kicked in. I call the police. They say they'll send someone out right away. I remember our kitty Oliver, and completely freak out, thinking they've hurt him and taken all my stuff. My roommates run around to the front door, I enter through the back. alone (not smart, but I was tipsy and was freaking out). Walk through the house completely un-armed. Discover that 2 of our 3 laptops were stolen, but other than a little rummaging the house is mostly intact.

BW has a full on panic attack. KJ gets a nose bleed. We are all on the phone with banks and credit unions and family trying to get our passwords changed, credit secured. Call the landlord, etc.

12:00 the police FINALLY show up. They stay until almost 1 I think. I've lost all track of time by this point. I try to stay awake until the locksmith comes, but I'm too emotionally drained.

I go to bed around 2:30, but don't sleep at all. Run crazy scenarios in my head all night.

Happy Freaking Birthday.

*I would like to say thank you for all the birthday love, it really means a lot to me. I am fine. My roommates are fine. Our cat is fine. Nothing of real value was taken, and we are very thankful for that. We will continue to remain vigilant. But please, let this be a reminder to not get complacent. Lock your doors. Don't answer it if you don't know who it is. and GET an ALARM SYSTEM.


Kelsey Heinze said...

OMG I'm so sorry to hear about this! How awful!!!! Do you have any renters insurance? You might be able to get some money back!

Taylor said...

oh my lord.... I am so, so sorry :( that is just horrible!!!! what an awful birthday!! so thankful you, your friends, and most importantly the animal are all safe and sound! hopefully this weekend will be much much better!!!

colleen said...

Wow, I'm sorry you had such a horrible thing happen on your birthday! To look at the positives, you and your roommates are safe- yes, a few items are gone, but you are safe!

A Southern Belle in DC said...

I'm so sorry that happened!

Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife said...

Yeah I'm really sorry that happened. You definitely need an alarm in DC! At least the rest of your birthday was great, it could have been a lot worse! All of you are okay and that's what matters. :)

Brandy said...

Oh my gosh. That's awful and so scary. Here's hoping next year's birthday rocks. You deserve it.

Maggie said...

I'm so sorry those little punks ruined the end of your birthday! I hope they catch them. Keep your head up girl! Seems like you were able to put a bit of a positive spin on things which is always good!

xo- Margaret

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