Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beauty Tuesday: Naked Palette

I know everyone and their monther has reviewed the Urban Decay Naked Palette (1), but I need to jump on the bad wagon. Y'all, I use this thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love how versitile it is. I usually to do a subtle smokey eye with browns for work, which is great for this palette. Then I can easily step it for Saturday night and go deeper and darker. I can't tell you how much I love it.

Here are swatches of all the shadows

 These are the lightest 4 colors. I love Virgin as a highlight. It gives a great pearly finish with out glitter. Sin is a pearly pink color and is great too and (but of those two I usually opt for virgin). Naked is my go to color. It's a great all over color that mimicks the color of my eyelid. It's completely matte, no shimmer or sparkle so you can pair it with something a little richer with out going over the top. Sidecar is the one color in the palette I'm not thrilled with. It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it has glitter in it and no matter what primer I do, or how carefully I apply it, there is always glitter that ends up elsewhere on my face.

Buck is my other go-to matte shadow and is a great crease color. Half Baked is gorgeous. Its a bright shimmery gold. I have a single of it also, and I love to use this in the center of my eyelid to open the eye. I use it ALL the time. Love it. Smog is also wonderful, not quite as shimmery as half baked, but its close. This is my usual crease shade for the work week. When I want to step it up though, I opt for darkhorse. This smokey warm brown is absolutely beautiful. I also use this as a liner every now and again.  

Toasted is another go to shade. If you look at the swatch you can see its a medium tone burgandy shimmer. Very similar to smog, but warmer. Hustle is a deeper version of toasted and is absolutely beautiful. Creep is the darkest shade in the whole palette. Its a dark grey with some shimmer and blue undertones. I use it mostly to deepen the crease or as a liner. It's a beautiful color, but use a light hand if you're fair like me. Gunmetal is a medium toned silver/blue shimmer. It's really pretty on, but I generally like warmer colors, so it rarely makes it in to one of my naked palette looks.

I wanted to give you some of my favorite combos

Naked:Half Baked: Smog
Buck: Toasted: Hustle
Virgin: Half Baked: Hustle

Today I'm rocking Virgin all over the lid, Half Baked in the center, and Creep in the crease. All super blended out, with covergirl eye liner in black, curled lashes, no mascara.

Do you have a go-to product you can't stop using?


Fashion Meets Food said...

I am definitely obsessed with this palette right now. It's gorgeous. xo

Lindsey said...

I'm yes I'm so obsessed with this palette loveeeee it and where it almost every day!

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