Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surprise Kate Spade Sale!

Guess what happened yesterday? I was just minding my own business checking emails on my phone when all of the sudden I see this gem...

Yep. Time to break out the credit card. While I'm not going too crazy (with moving and law school on the horizon I'm trying to save money like crazy), but I have a few gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. So I need y'alls help! What should I get?

I do actually need a new wallet. I've been rocking the same (fake *gasp* D&B wallet for over 2 years).

I am obsessed with this blue beauty. 

This wallet is HUGE, such a steal. But how do I feel about the orange? Hmm...

Blue. Patton. Leather. Need I say more? 

Or maybe I should get some fun jewels? You can never have too many right? 

Gumdrop Studs

These studs have been a go-to gift of mine lately. They are so fun and chic, and everyone loves them! Maybe it's time I get some for myself. Plus, hello? $19? 

How fun are these beauties? 

And just for fun, maybe a new bag?

A perfect fun little beauty to run around town with me on the weekends? I think so.

Or maybe this one? Perfect for toting law books around New Orleans right? I think so. 

So, what should I do? Get a wallet I need? a fun little bit of glitz? or splurge for another bag? Or is there something out there I'm not seeing? Hmm... you can shop the whole sale here. Did I mention it ends TONIGHT! Hurry up and get to shopping gals. 


Meg O. said...

OMG that tote. OMG.

Jen said...

Those studs are really cute!!! Love them. :)

Stacey @ Likes to Smile said...

Those $19 studs??? GORGEOUS!!!!

Laura said...

love love lvoe!
already bought somethign on the sale and made myself stop before i got a big bag. LOVE the orange wallet!

Niki Caron said...

Woo hoo! Love me some Kate Spade!

Katelyn said...

Haha would I be a bad influence if I said grab a wallet, some earrings, and a bag?? Gotta love a good sale!

My-cliffnotes said...


tara said...

decisions decisions! if i hadn't just got a new kate spade bag a few weeks ago, i'd be all over this sale!

birdie to be said...

Ugh... I saw this too! So dangerous!

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