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Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fancies #9: Fall Favorites

Friday Fancies: Fall Favorites
Trench Coat  |  Pleated Skirt  |  Top  |  Shoes  |  Watch  |  Earrings 

This week's theme is one of my favorites. I've been feeling a little woeful lately with all of this cold weather. I strolled down Pennsylvania Ave on Wednesday night, and I couldn't get over how quickly the season changed. I know I've been living under a rock... and then in Ohio, but seriously, it was JUST summer, right?  So even though I'm loving pulling out all of my scarves and coats, I'm happy to hang on to just a little more of the fall fun.

Color blocking. Neons. Leopard. Flowy skirts. Gold. Yes. Yes and Yes. I'm still loving all of these trends, and will probably carry them in to winter. Don't judge me.

What fall trends are you not willing to left go?

Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Red Red Wine

Lately I've been obsessing over red lips. I've been rocking them the past few days and I'm loving the look. It can be tricky to find the right makeup look for the office. You need to balance looking put together, while not looking overly made up. I am definitely guilty of overdoing it on the eye makeup every now and again, and I often pair a bright or super shiny lip with heavy eyes. Seems great at the time, but it's probably better suited for a Friday night... not 10 am on a tuesday. I've been playing with lighter makeup looks lately (mostly because I hadn't been getting enough sleep because of that stupid test who shall not be named), and I've been loving how a bright lip can pull together a look without requiring a ton of other effort.


I know red lips are a little scary for some of us, especially if you're not accustomed to wearing lip color, but I've discovered that it's actually easier to pull off a darker lip than a bright one. So if you're wanting to be on trend for fall, but a little afraid of the whole red lip thing... why not try a wine lip 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!


Please go enjoy this lovely weather. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Friday Fancies #3: Autumn Lust List

Happy Friday ladies! I'm linking up with the lovely {AV} for another round of....

This week is all about your lusts for fall, and let me tell you, this girl has a serious lust list going. Anything leopard, anything cap-toed and anything metallic especially.  I love fall. I think it may be my favorite season (if it wasn't for this silly rag weed in the air killing me with the allergies. come on). I'm so excited to break out the scarves and coats again. Winter can stay away for a while, but oh to cozy up with a hot pumpkin latte in my favorite sweater with scarves and boots. oh my. yes please. 

Friday Fancies

Blue dress / Burberry Trench  / Vince Tights  / J.Crew high heels / Kate Spade Bag  / Oasis leopard scarve

Alright. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. DC Ladies, I'm going to attempt to make an appearance at the Dew Drop Swap on Sunday, hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Currently Crushing :Nail Trends for Fall

Wow. I feel like that huge rain storm on Saturday was the end of summer. This weather is amazing. LOVING it. While fall may not be officially here, it's coming... so I need to bulk up my nail collection for the coming season.


Miss Fancy Pants

Sand Tropez

Best Dressed List


Jewel of a Girl
Downtown Brown

Penny Talk

I think the whole world is obsessed with Penny Talk, and I on board. Obsessed with this color.

Good as Gold
I also love anything sparkly for fall and winter. With the holidays coming and the short days... glitter obviously makes any manicure better.

Happy Wednesday!

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