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Monday, September 24, 2012

September Birchbox

It's time for another round of

This month's Birchbox was not my favorite ever, but once again I picked up a few good things.  First off they threw in a twistband. I seriously love these y'all. If you haven't picked one up, you need to! They are super flexible and don't crimp your hair!

Then I got a pack of the La Fresh Instant Body Soothers. These are wipes for your hands, face body, etc. that are supposed to sooth skin. They smell great and are definitely refreshing, but I don't think I'd invest in them. 

La Fresh Instant Body Soother
This Custom Color Club Polish was my favorite find of the box. Birchbox and Color Club teamed up this month to put together a few of the hottest colors of the season. I got the rose gold metallic color called "put a pin in it" I'm OBSESSED. This is definitely worth the $8 investment

Custom Color Club Polish
They also threw in a few of these brush guards. Definitely a nice thing to have when traveling. These are supposed to protect your brushes and help them keep their shape. They're essentially like those chinese finger traps and they can expand around pretty much any brush.
Brush Guard
Boscia Purfiying Cleansing Gel is preservative free, which is great. I've only tested it out once, so I don't feel like I can give you a recommendation one way or another, but so far so good!
Boscia Purfiying Cleansing Gel
I think I'm just not a Beauty Balm person. I need/want more coverage. While this Dr. Jart Beauty Balm is by far the best I've ever tried, I still got oily and felt like my imperfections were obvious a few hours into wear. I do have super oily skin and am constantly battling all of my products to extend the wear, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. 
Dr. Jart Beauty Balm

So that's it. My September Birchbox. Want to see more? Here's my August, July, June, and April reviews.

AND. Don't forget about the Starbucks GIVEAWAY 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Beauty Tuesday} What's in Alissa's Makeup Bag?

For this installation of {Beauty Tuesday} I have the fabulous Alissa of Feeling Good taking us on a tour of what's in her makeup bag. If you're not familiar with Alissa, she's a DC area fashion blogger, who is clearly destined for big things. She has great style. She's one of those fashion bloggers who takes risks, but never seems to look bad. After reading her posts I'm often left thinking I would have never thought of that, but it looks so good! Anyways, you need to go visit her. Please show her some love.

Hi fashionable friends! First of all let me just start this post by saying thank you to Emily for asking me to guest post today. I’m glad to help while she gets her study on. (Big props for that, girl!)

When I told Em I’d write about anything, she suggested showing what’s in my makeup bag. I loved the idea because that’s not something my readers get to see on my blog. It’s fresh (as they say in the news biz) and I dig it. I know y’all are itching to see what’s in my bag, baby – so here it is!

Full disclosure: I definitely cleaned out my Vera Bradley makeup bag before taking any pictures. It had some makeup remnants and needed to be pretty for its debut. In the aerial view, you can see I don’t have that much makeup, and I don’t use much of it either. I’m usually an eye shadow, mascara and lip-gloss kind of girl all year (but with this heat, I haven’t been wearing any). So let’s break it all down!

I do own foundation and it comes in handy when I’m doing work in front of the camera. This CoverGirl Trublend Whipped Foundation is the best kind that works for my skin. It’s the perfect color for my pale complexion and I like the silky whipped texture. Set in place with light NYCpowder, which I’ve had for a long time, obviously... but it never lets me down! Another favorite: Maybelline DreamMousse Blush aka the best blush ever in my humble opinion. Also light and a peachy-pink color that gives my cheeks a glow.

One item I do have a ridiculous amount of: eye shadow. I love the purple Rimmel London to accent my brown eyes. Underneath that sits my three Arbonne eye shadow compacts – which holds about 12 eye shadow colors each. (In my defense, my Grandma, Mom and Aunt used to sell Arbonne so I have quite the array of products.)

Sticking with the eyes, one item that doesn’t usually stay the same for me is mascara. The crazy-coupon-clipping person in me buys whatever tube of mascara I have a coupon for. (There are always coupons in the Sunday newspaper for mascara). This month, it’s Covergirl Lash Blast Volume inblack, which I like. However, I have found my go-to eyeliners: Arbonne in “Hepburn” and the classic black in Almay.

Finally, to pull the whole look together: lipstick!! I have a whole bag of lipsticks and glosses, so I pulled my favorites: Sephora Sugar, NARS Schiap, RevlonCoralberry, Mac Dazzleglass inSugarrimmed and Revlon Just Bittenin Passion. I keep these five in heavy rotation, especially throughout the summer. From lip tint (Sephora) to gloss (Mac) and bold colors (NARS, Revlon) my lips are covered!

I hope you enjoyed discovering what’s in my makeup bag! If you’d like to see what’s in my closet, hop on over to my blog, where it’s all about Feeling Good! :) And thanks a bunch to Emily again for having me today on BDB!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Beauty Tuesday} Birchbox Brag--- WAY LATE

*OMG y'all. This is my 100th Post on Blue Dog Belle* 
I cannot believe how much this little bloggy has grown already! Thanks to all of you who spend a little part of you day with me right here. 

So in my craziness last week, I completely missed Birchbox Brag with Tara and Katie. I seriously cant even believe it. Look, we even tweeted about it! 

But better late than never right ladies? I am thrilled with this month's box. THRILLED. I have found a product that has completed my life. I can't even tell you how much I'm obsessed with it. 

The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black is AMAZING. 


Not going to lie. I have worn this EVERY SINGLE DAY since I got this in my box. I love that its a marker (way easier to deal with than a brush), I love how quickly it dries, and I LOVE how thin it is. Now. For those of you who are liquid liner experts take my review with a slight grain of salt. I am not new to liquid liners, but I've only ever used my Wet and Wild MegaLiner matte black (don't judge me, it got good reviews and I'm a fan. and its $3). The eyeko is a whole new world though. It took a few times to master a slightly altered technique, but y'all I can't tell you enough how much I love it. 

Love this. Citrus and Flowers, but not too sweet. It's probably my favorite Birchbox perfume sample so far (Kate Spade Twirl is a close second though).

Why have I never thought that you might need sunscreen for your hair? Makes sense. and I'll tell you a secret... my hair is heavily highlighted... I may not be a natural blonde... shocking I know. I pay a good amount of money to have my color changed. Why would I let the sun mess it up?  

*OMG. pause. It's a sad life when I start seeing formal logic arguments in my blog posts. #LSATnerd*

Love this. It's super light weight, and great under makeup. I'm bad about putting sunscreen on for an average day. If I'm out and about, and I know I'm going to be in the sun I'm great. But on a typical M-F work day I rely on the spf's in my moisturizer or make up... but I jump around so much (and not all of my products contain SPF) I'm sure there are many days that I miss. Needless to say this is a good product. A tad expensive for what it is, but I appreciate the samples. 

I love this little treat in the bbox this month. Took me a while to figure out how to open it, but they taste great!

and finally these super fun Neon Ear Buds.... 


Birchbox... how did you know I'm always loosing my ear buds? I needed some new ones, and these are FAB! 

Also, please don't forget to enter the Kiki and CoCo giveaway here

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Beauty Tuesday} Fourth of July Edition

Tomorrow is July 4th! Woohoo! Yay for no work! oh... and our independence. 

Since tomorrow will be a chilling by the pool, grilling out, beer drinking kind of a day here are some easy beauty recommendations (coincidentally this is exactly what I will be using). I hope y'all all have a great day off tomorrow! I will have some exciting stuff coming up here on Blue Dog Belle.... come back tomorrow for a NEON themed giveaway (I know, I'm kind of obsessed with giving y'all stuff!)
covergirl TruBlend loose powder | laura mercier tinted moisturizer | e.l.f. blush and bronzer duo| Revlon Lip Butter in cherry tart | L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Waterproof mascara
Have a great day off tomorrow!

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