Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Politics 101: Why I Love the Game

So... I live in D.C. I work in politics. I've been a Hill Staffer. I've run a PAC. I've been following Presidential elections, watching conventions, wearing t-shirts and buying buttons since Clinton won in '92 (I kid you not, and yes I was 4). I had a election watch party in 2006 in my freshman dorm at UGA, I was a fervant follower of the 2008 Presidential election while I was in Spain. If it's possible I watched the 2010 election with an even closer eye. I can recognize and name every member of the US Senate, Supreme Court, probably about 40+% of the House Members, most of the cabinet members and even some of the White House staff. Yes I have a problem. I am well aware that I am a nerd. To me D.C. is like Hollywood, but with smart people (DC is often called Hollywood for the ugly, and its probably true) I love seeing these "celebrities" everywhere you go. So... now you have a little back ground on my obsession with politics.

While I am obsessed with every aspect of the political game, I do not approve of the partisan crap that's going on across Capitol Hill and all over the country. I hate that we've gotten stuck in this intensely partisan atmosphere, and unfortunately there's no one to blame. Well... that's not entirely true, there is a LOT of blame to go around: the 24 hour news cycle, self interested politicians, social media, campaign finance laws or rather the lack there of and the rise of the "talking head" politicos that just seem to pop up everywhere. But, I digress.

I love Congress. Yes. I said it. I don't approve of Congress, but I do love it. I love what Congress represents: a group of citizens coming together in the best form of democracy to represent their home towns and improve the lives of their friends and neighbors. But that's not what Congress is any more, and unfortunately I don't know how we get back there. Congress was created by the Constitution as one of the three branches of government. It is the branch most closely related to the people. Congress truly is "by the people for the people." I'm fascinated by the Constitution and the many checks and balances it created, and I'm so proud to live in a country where our founding fathers had such ideals and foresight to create this amazing document. You as an individual citizen can create change across the country. Look at the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, even prohibition. These regular citizens got together at the grassroots level to improve the country for the better (Obviously I'm not a huge fan of the whole no alcohol prohibition thing, but still they got a constitutional amendment, pretty impressive).

Honestly I could write about it forever, but I know you don't want to hear my ramblings about why the US government is so great. But this is why I love the game that is politics. I appreciate the fact that I, as a private citizen, can create great changes across the country.

But if you've watched the news lately, read a paper or maybe gave $ to Colbert's SuperPAC you know the game is broken. But we can talk about that another day...


JRuud said...

You're adorable! And the post made me like politics more :)

rebecca... said...

,,,reading your post "politics 101: why i love the game" was like reading a blog post that i would write if i were writing about my passion for politics! great minds often have much in common. (smile) i'm very passionate about politics. i moved from scottsdale arizona 2.5 years ago to be closer to the pulse of politics and this administration. i love DC, it's electric! 4 years ago i worked very hard in AZ to make "change" happen and i'm doing my part again to see that it continues for another 4 years! a couple of years ago i canvassed through the neighborhoods of AZ to help educate people on the "health reform" bill. i'm thinking we may have a few things in common aside from the love for all things fashion. cheers!,,,

Miss Southern Prep said...

I think politics is so interesting! I wish I paid more attention to politics, but I never have the time to keep up with it!

P.S. I still can't decide on which necklace to get! I love all of them haha! Your watch sounds so pretty! I love rose gold!

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