Monday, March 26, 2012

{DIY Project} Bottle Cap Art

Good Morning, Happy Monday. Again. This past weekend was one of those wonderful weekends were I slept in, didn't really do anything of note, and just relaxed. It was glorious, but I feel rundown and tired this morning, and even two cups of coffee isn't helping. annoying.
Friday night we had a few friends over to watch basketball. I am picked the Kentucky Wildcats (go SEC!) to win over UNC by 4, but UNC is out now. boo. I went to bed at 11. It was amazing.

Saturday I attempted to get up early and go to Yoga, but it was raining and grey and my bed was so warm and I really just wanted to sleep... so... I stayed in bed until 11. Then I got up and let the spring cleaning began! I have to say, we were moderately successful, but we may have to do a spring cleaning round 2. We mopped, Windex'd, dusted, rearranged and threw away a lot of random crap, but I still feel like our house is cluttered. I guess I'm just going to have to deal since I have roommates, but all the STUFF everywhere just stresses me out. Do y'all ever get that way? My roommate KJ and I have a theory that our stress stems from the "study abroad" syndrome, aka, when you have to pack your entire life into 1 suitcase for 4 months, you learn how to not need all the "stuff" and it stresses you out to hold on to unnecessary items because they're only going to slow you down when you move on. But I digress.

After a few hours of cleaning we reached a stopping point and I decided it was finally time to tackle a DIY project 9+ months in the making. I present to you bottle cap art:

Last year I made some wine cork initials (I'll show you that another time). Since we are three young ladies who like to partake in a cocktail or two every now and again we have these bottle caps that just show up on our bar. Being the crafty person I am I got to thinking what I can do with them... First I was going to flatten them and cover our freecycled coffee table, but I tried hammering 1 bottle cap and decided it was more work than it was worth. Then I was going to make a wind chime or something like that but again... too much effort. So this was the next step. Glue a bunch of bottle caps to a board and put it in a frame. PERFECT! I am beyond thrilled about it and love how colorful and fun it is.

What do you think of the final product? I am obsessed with it. For real. It was so easy to make, but took a while to generate all the bottle caps, but if you're looking for some fun DIY art I highly recommend it. PLUS besides all the beer, this was a really inexpensive project to make. Here's what I used
  • Find a frame you like (mine was from Michael's AS-IS frame section) $8
  • 1 sheet of foam board cut to size, $2.50
  • Spray paint the foam board (I used some grey paint I had on hand) free
  • Put your bottle caps down and decide if you want to use any kind of pattern (I went for a somewhat random color pattern)
  • Put hot glue on the rim of the bottle cap and start gluing in one corner and work your way out
  • Have fun with it!
Hope y'all like this, it was really fun to put together and I adore how it looks in my kitchen with my other alcohol themed art. :)


Lauren said...

I love your bottle cap art!! I saved all of my wine corks to make a cork board, but man- I need to start saving bottle caps too now!! Love it!!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

This turned out so very cute. I love the idea! I've just been saving our wine corks -- now I'll have to set out an extra jar for beer bottle caps.

Wil Harris said...

I know what you mean about the clutter, it's so chaotic.
Your DIY turned out great, I love the many colors.

Fashion Meets Food said...

In college one of my friends use to make bottle cap frames like crazy and I always loved them. This is really cute though! xo

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