Thursday, March 14, 2013

A new phase

So I updated my blog during lunch today after I found out about the death of google reader. Well, I have more to say. I'm beyond frustrated with the amount of time and effort I've put into growing this here blog all to have it essentially go by the way side (though the friends I've made here will have made it 100% worth it).

I went and read the official google reader blog post about it, and the reasoning just seems ridiculous. They are cancelling the service to to waning interest. I'm sure that just about any other company would be thrilled to have the user-ship that reader does. It seems absolutely absurd to throw that to the wayside, not to mention anger so many "influential" people. 

As someone who has had an on and off love affair with the blog world for years, I loved google reader/blogger for keeping me linked with old friends. Now it seems that link will be disappearing. All of this change is forcing me to strongly consider moving to a self hosted page. I don't want to deal with google or these antics any more.

So yes Google, I'm "sad to see reader go", but I've learned my lesson. I want to own my blog, and my readership.

I will personally transfer my feeds to both bloglovin and feedly. I'm still new to both, but bloglovin seems to be better for blogs, feedly for news and magazines. While I'm frustrated that I will now have to rely on two platforms to handle what reader did, I'm happy to support two companies that appreciate their users and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. In the meantime lets make some new blog lovin friends! Link up below and post the code on your page.


Sara said...

I am so bummed about google reader. I had a minor panic attack thinking about it last night. I LIVE on google reader. Now what? Just a heads up-- there is a petition to keep it. I am sure it will go nowhere, but I signed it. Duh.

See you on bloglovin! :)

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

I know - the death of google reader is so sad. I use bloglovin' and really like the look and feel of it - but it's still a bummer :(

also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog after my accident, it was so nice of you :) Thanks for always being such a wonderful blogging buddy!


Nicole said...

I am SO glad that someone else is as frustrated by this as I am. It completely infuriates me for the same reasons you mentioned - growing a blog is hard, and I hate that I am in essence, starting over. I plan to spend time this weekend following on the link-up you posted (I added it to my blog as well). I think we can all benefit by standing by each other and being supportive - no matter how pain in the rear it might be.

Love ya! (had to throw something nice in there after my rant :))

sonya said...

I feel the same way, and my blog is small but it took a lot! And now I am starting all over again! Booo! But I guess we have too.

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