Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Listening to my favorite Pandora station, "Tupelo Honey." It's the perfect mix of southern and classic rock, with some motown thrown in for good measure. I'm obsessed. Go add it now.

Watching CNN. Y'all are shocked I'm sure. But, I do have a new favorite show. Do y'all watch Duck Dynasty? Oh my gosh. It is hilarious and my DVR is filled. So glad there's a new season right now

Loving daylight savings time! It's so light outside when I get home. Yet another sign that spring is here!

Reading The Secret Life of Bees. I don't know why I haven't read this sooner! I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm absolutely loving it so far.  

Wearing my first piece from Gwynnie Bee. I'm so obsessed with this red pencil skirt. I may have to buy it! Promise I'll take some pictures for y'all.

Thinking about where the heck I'm going to go to law school. Right now I have 5 pretty good choices. And I still have to hear from 6 schools! Jeez. Making life decisions is hard.

Feeling a slew of mixed emotions. Excited to start the next chapter, explore a new life, but so sad to leave the one I have behind.  

Excited for one of my favorites, #dccallie, to come to town for the weekend. It's going to be an epic St. Patty's Day, are you excited yet? Any fun plans around DC?

Wondering where the heck I'm going to go to Law School. I wish I could hurry up and decide, but I'm still waiting to hear from several schools.

Realizing how much I love DC, my friends, and my life here. I'm really going to take advantage of my last few months of pre-law school DC life. Even if I stay in the area, I'm sure I won't have quite as much play time.

So what are you feeling currently?


Mrs. Type A said...

I'm loving DST too! It's so nice to leave the office and have it still be light out for a few hours! :)

Jamie said...

Duck Dynasty is hysterical, my dad and brother are obsessed and made me watch with them haha. Good luck deciding on a law school, but you are already in some great places, shouldn't be too hard! ;)


cheapchictraveler.com said...

I loved reading Secret Life of Bees, then check out the movie it's also really good! I can't wait to hear where you end up for law school, all the choices you have are strong ones and whatever school you choose will be very lucky to have you!


Nat said...

We love Duck Dynasty around here!! That Pandora station sounds so good- I might need to try it out. I loved Secret Life of Bees- it gets even better.

Jen said...

Duck Dynasty is one of our favorite shows, I seriously wish I had an Uncle Si. Haha! :) Have a great day dear.

Simply Evani said...

Congrats on having so many schools to choose from! :)

Hi, I'm Stephanie! said...

Law school will be incredible. My boyfriend said it was the best time of his life and he still keeps in touch with a lot of his law school buddies. What type of law do you want to practice?

Stephanie @ Seven Days

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this weekend. Tom wants to hang out Friday night with us in the District itself. Sara is here with him all weekend, so I thought I might crash at your place (#snuggles) if that is alright. Saturday night there's a bday part for Stefanie's (AKA "Diecisiete") in DC that I hope you and the gang might come to!

Let me know!

xoxo #dccallie

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I just added Tupelo Honey and am listening to it right now. Mostly because I freaking love that song. And that mix of music.

I love Currently posts, I keep scheduling one and then moving it and having to update it.

Who's in the running law school-wise?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Secret Life of Bees was one of my favorite books we read in high school. Its SO good! I haven't gotten into Duck Dynasty simply because I have no time to invest in a new tv show, but I've heard its great from everyone, it seems! I'm excited to follow along on your journey as you choose a law school and make that transition, Emily!

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