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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Reading: A Modern American Approach to Civil Procedure before class starts. I didn't read it very well last night. woops.

Drinking: a Starbucks triple shot skim latte. yum.

Listening: to the Kane Show on iHeart radio. I missed my morning show!

Watching: people slowly trickle in to class.

Thinking: how glad I am this week was easy after the last few crazy ones.

Wishing: Fall break would hurry up and get here so I can get out and enjoy the "cooler" weather set to hit the town this weekend! Yay for 70's!!!

Loving: That fall break is less than 36 hours away.

Today's going to be a long one, with four classes but a break is insight and my triple shot latte is definitely helping me get there. What are you doing currently?

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Watching: The clouds go by from inside the law library. Where I have spent the last four Sundays. Oh and every week day since school started. I'm beginning to feel like I live here. 

Reading: Contracts for class tomorrow. Are moral obligations sufficient consideration to bind a contract? Fascinating stuff. (but actually I am really fascinated by it. #lawnerd)

Listening: to my Mozart radio on Spotify. I've decided that listening to classical music in the big fancy law library makes me feel more important. And when I need a break from that I switch over to some Robin Thicke. Love me some Blurred Lines. 

Feeling: Tired. Anxious. Overwhelmed. Confident. You name it, I'm probably feeling it. Law School has been an emotional roller coaster, let me tell you. 

Drinking: Venti iced coffee. Extra shot of espresso. One splenda. Splash of half and half. 

Planning: On attempting to finish the discussion portion of my first memo by Wednesday at  2 pm so I can get comments on it. I don't think I've ever been this nervous about a 7 page paper in my life. 

Loving: That my lovely friend Courtney sent me a law school care package this week. It was beyond sweet and I really needed a pick me up. Slash I ate the entire giant kit kat bar for dinner last night. So that was awesome. Thanks again love!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Listening to CNN's nonstop coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. I'm so ready for this trial to be over. Anyone else?

Loving that it's Thursday already! This week has flown by! And after this I only have 3 weeks of work left!

Drinking iced coffee. It's too darn hot for regular

Reading an Introduction to The Study and Practice of Law in a Nut Shell. Super exciting.

Wearing a cream v-neck sweater I picked up on super sale from the gap, my thrifted micro-pleat blue skirt and my favorite beige heels. Going for comfort today.

Thinking that I can't wait for the exciting changes to come in the next few weeks.

Feeling excited, optimistic and a little anxious.

Wondering what I should have for lunch. I'm thinking a trip to Taylor's is in order

Realizing that I only have 23 days left in DC! Where is the time going!!!

Happy Thursday y'all!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


*So, I'm a bad blogger and completely took the night of yesterday because I forgot to fill a hole in my editorial calendar, so truly... this is what I'm doing currently*

Listening to CNN. What else is new? Trying to catch up on the morning news before I run over to the Senate for a hearing.

Loving that it's Thursday, and tomorrow should be a very relaxed day heading in to the weekend. Plus, I'm really excited about all the rain we're about to get. I love warm rainy days.

Drinking diet coke. I just bypassed coffee this morning. Though I may grab a quick latte on the hill.

Reading emails. CQ. Politico. National Journal. I spend entirely too much time reading the same stories over and over again in different publications. At least I'm in the know right?

Wearing slacks. What? That never happens. Added a blue cami and a black cardigan. Super stylish over here, let me tell you.

Thinking about how ready I am to get to law school.

Feeling anxious about leaving DC.

Eating egg and cheese on wheat toast. Regretting it already.

Wondering if anyone actually likes these blog posts?

Realizing that I have 58 days left in DC. 40 days of work. Yay/Ahh!!!

What are you doing, currently?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Listening to my favorite Pandora station, "Tupelo Honey." It's the perfect mix of southern and classic rock, with some motown thrown in for good measure. I'm obsessed. Go add it now.

Watching CNN. Y'all are shocked I'm sure. But, I do have a new favorite show. Do y'all watch Duck Dynasty? Oh my gosh. It is hilarious and my DVR is filled. So glad there's a new season right now

Loving daylight savings time! It's so light outside when I get home. Yet another sign that spring is here!

Reading The Secret Life of Bees. I don't know why I haven't read this sooner! I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm absolutely loving it so far.  

Wearing my first piece from Gwynnie Bee. I'm so obsessed with this red pencil skirt. I may have to buy it! Promise I'll take some pictures for y'all.

Thinking about where the heck I'm going to go to law school. Right now I have 5 pretty good choices. And I still have to hear from 6 schools! Jeez. Making life decisions is hard.

Feeling a slew of mixed emotions. Excited to start the next chapter, explore a new life, but so sad to leave the one I have behind.  

Excited for one of my favorites, #dccallie, to come to town for the weekend. It's going to be an epic St. Patty's Day, are you excited yet? Any fun plans around DC?

Wondering where the heck I'm going to go to Law School. I wish I could hurry up and decide, but I'm still waiting to hear from several schools.

Realizing how much I love DC, my friends, and my life here. I'm really going to take advantage of my last few months of pre-law school DC life. Even if I stay in the area, I'm sure I won't have quite as much play time.

So what are you feeling currently?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Currently I am....

I feel like it's another day for a currently post. It's just that kind of a day.  

Currently I am... 

Annoyed that I have work today while the rest of Washington, D.C. is sleeping in, brunching and galavanting around the city. 

Listening to an ethical training class online so I can maintain my FEC certification. It's super fun, let me tell you. 

Watching CNN. Duh what else is new? Is it normal to know the daily line up on CNN by heart? well... I know it's not, but this is my life. 

Reading blogs... so... many... blogs... I never realize how many I follow until I get on google reader for the first time in a few days. 400 new posts to read since Friday around noon-ish.

Wondering is it okay to purge my reader? I really only comment on like 1/4 of the blogs I read, maybe I need to refresh a bit. Touchy subject in blog world. I know I hate when I lose followers... but still... it' tricky. How do other bloggers handle it when you get overwhelmed? Help please! 

Feeling sad because my favorite person ever has returned to Connecticut. At least we still have snapchat. My other favorite person ever is leaving me this week to move to New Zealand and travel the world for 18 months. I'm super jealous, but super sad. 

Loving how much fun this weekend was. 

Missing my bed. We didn't spend as much time together as I would have liked this weekend. #toobusyforsleep

Looking Forward To my bff is coming to town this weekend! 

Wearing one of my new scarves I made myself! Yay for learning how to sew.

Obsessing over Union Market. DC friends, have you been there yet? I went twice this weekend and I am  so obsessed! It was amazing!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012



feeling some mixed emotions about being back at work.

watching to CNN... and way too excited about it.

reading about a million emails from the last month. ridiculous.

hurting... SO sore from yoga last night. But it hurts so good.

lusting after this bedroom....

planning what to do with all this time in my life... big things are coming

evaluating my 25 before 25... I've made some headway in the last few weeks!

wearing real clothes for the first time in over a month... don't know how I feel about it.

excited for the Cap Fabb meet-up tonight! Who else is going?

what are you doing currently??

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