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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charlotte Recap

Okay ladies. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about the DNC and my epic adventure to Charlotte. But I feel like I owe you a recap of the full adventure. 

I left DC Saturday morning for a quick visit in Williamsburg with my bffirl Lauren and her lovely husband Jason. I know I talk about her often, but if you haven't checked out her blog, you really need to. She has a fabulous cooking blog that inspires me every day... if only I had the pantry she does... maybe I could create half the master pieces she whips up on a daily basis. 

She treated Jason and I to one of her specialties, Pollo en Fricase, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Lauren knows how much I love cilantro, so this was absolutely perfect. 

She also made arros y frijoles, and some yummy mint cocktails. That girl knows me so well. 

I mean really. Look at this awesomeness.  After a while we hit the town for some fro-yo.

Sunday morning we did a few photo-shoots and had a perfect breakfast. Girlfriend knows how to make a waffle. 

That afternoon I hit the road and headed south for Charlotte, through the worst rainstorm ever. I couldn't see anything and was forced to drive about 20 mph. Made the roadtrip so fun. But I made it. Checked in. Hit the grocery store for some essentials (i.e. alcohol and chocolate)

I don't know that I told you officially, but I was offered a position volunteering with the DNCC (convention staff) on the Government Affairs team. It was a great opportunity to meet other like minded  young people in Washington, and I just had a fabulous time. 

I spotted quite a few famous folks (famous if you watch CNN non-stop like me) Congresswoman DWS above. CNN contributor Donna Brazile below.

Since there were no "official" convention events on Monday I wandered around carolina fest before starting an evening of party hopping. 


I ran around town through crazy rainstorms. I ended the night up in NODA which is the arts district of Charlotte. I was beyond thrilled to be reunited with Terrapin. 

Tuesday I was up bright and early (with quite the headache) for breakfast with my boss. Then headed off to a few meetings, before reporting for work. 

I made an appearance on MSNBC and a few on CNN... never did find the FOX news stand. SHOCKING. 

I got to go to a discussion with National Journal featuring an amazing line up: Kal Penn, America Fererra, Chelsea Clinton,  Andrew Jenks,  Chuck Todd, Kaseem Reed and more. It was great. AND I got to meet Chelsea. She is gorgeous and amazing. Love her!

After work that night I hit up the B52's concert. I had a great time, but 2 am rolled around and I needed to rest my feet. 

Thursday was a blur. Breakfasts. Meetings. a quick lunch a Moes, then reported for double duty and the big speeches. 

I met so many great folks and had such a wonderful time in Charlotte. If you are at all interested in politics you need to attend a convention in your life. It was so inspiring to meet all these people, young and old, coming together to make america a better place. I definitely had one of those moments where I just had to stop and appreciate everything going on around me. 

I am definitely a driven person. I impose some pretty harsh standards on myself, and while it has definitely been a good character trait in my life, it doesn't always allow the opportunity to stop and smell the roses and appreciate where I am. 

I was sitting down in a tiny corner of this lounge. feet throbbing. dehydrated. exhausted. with hours ahead of me. then former President Clinton came on. I just had a moment. I started sobbing. Partially at his amazing speech and how much I realized that I really do care and believe that we are heading in the right direction in this country (that's a post for another day though). But more for the fact that I suddenly realized where I was, and how lucky I was to be there. and honestly, how proud I was of myself for putting in the hours, and doing the work, and making the connections and generally being a sufficiently successful person to get there on my own merits. I didn't buy my way in. Or call in favors from numerous connections to get there. I did it. Me. And I was just overcome with emotion by the whole thing. What a great experience. 

Okay I know y'all have had enough of this trip. I promise, beauty and fashion will be back tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!

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