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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inaugural Recap

Well folks. It's over. While it was an overwhelmingly stressful few days, I will never forget the ride. I kept thinking what a difference four years and a lot of hard work makes. I spent the weekend juggling touring my parents around town, working to prep for a few big events my office hosted throughout the weekend, trying to attend the Obama Legacy conference, see all my campaign staff friends, sleep, dance the night away at a few balls, oh... and go to the inauguration.

Lashes and curls at the office. A normal day OBVIOUSLY.

All dressed up and ready to go to the Arkansas Ball. Again... I'm loving wearing the fake lashes. So glamorous. I just need to practice applying them. 

An INSANELY amazing cheesecake at the staff ball. 

The staff ball was quite the affair, POTUS, FLOTUS, The Bidens, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett all in one room. Doesn't get much better than that. 

Now that all of this silliness is over, I promise to be a better blogger and start writing posts again. See you ladies tomorrow for Friday Fancies!!!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Lady Fashion

I'm still recouperating from the madness that has been this 57th Presidential Inauguration. I promise to bring a full re-cap soon, but I wanted to check in and say hello! What did y'all think of Michelle's looks yesterday? I'm loving this edgier first lady. The sleek hair (and the new bangs!), the graphic print with the sparkly belt? Love.

While I loved the 2009 yellow combo--- it seemed she catered a bit to what she thought she should wear,  something traditional, but this is the second term now, and she's setting her new style agenda off on the right foot!

Then she showed up in this gorgeous Jason Wu gown. I loved the bright color, the subtle pattern, and the fit. She looked absolutely stunning.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inaugural Gowns

As many of you know, my office is on Capitol Hill here in DC so I'm lucky enough to see the gorgeous capitol building every day. Congress officially began their new session last week, but the President doesn't start his new term for another two weeks or so.  I've been slowing watching the process as they've built the scaffolding, hung flags, and delivered more port-a-potties than you can imagine. With festivities kicking off next weekend I've been running around making sure I have dresses and accessories to all of the various events that weekend. I think I'll be attending 3 balls this year, most of them for work, so I need three different outfits. 

While I haven't decided yet, there are some things to consider for Inaugural balls. First... this is not prom. Obvious, but I haven't really had to wear long gowns since high school, so there's a whole new set of rules.  As with anything in DC the balls are potential networking events, so I need to stay some what professional. Strapless dresses are pushing it--- so make sure you have a wrap. This may not be the time to make a real statement with your fashion choices, so tone down the color and the trends. 

Here are a few dresses I think would be perfect. 

I really like the coverage of this dress. It's a gorgeous bright red, which is fun while still being patriotic (obviously this is an inaugural ball). 

Again, really liking the coverage of this dress, but the lace detail make it a little less stuffy. Plus it's emerald, so on point with the trends--- while not taking too many risks. 

Emerald Dress
While this dress is strapless, I really like it. The deep color is fun, yet professional and the beading is just enough to make the dress unique but again not overly flashy. A gorgeous pashmina and you're all set to hit the town.
Purple Dress
Again, this one has some sparkle (which we all know I love), but I adore the halter neck. The shoulders show a lot of skin but you do have to worry about cleavage.
Navy Blue Dress

So what would you wear to an inaugural ball?

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