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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Politics 101: Voting

Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day! Did you register? I did. I will officially be voting in the District of Columbia on November 6. I'll be disenfranchised on the Federal level, but I so believe in the importance of voting, that I didn't want to skirt the lines of legality by voting in Arkansas. where I've been registered the last 2+ years. *Side note, my parents live in Little Rock, Arkansas--- I don't know if I've ever shared that little tidbit with y'all. Anyways. I mailed off my registration form to the DC Board of Elections and I'm so excited.

No matter what side of the aisle you fall on I think we can all agree voting is so important. I've talked about why I love politics before but in the weeks leading up to the election I think it's important to address it again. So here we go. Blue Dog Belle's top 10 reason to vote.


10. In order to be heard--- you have to make a statement. Duh, right? What I mean is Congress appropriates funds for various projects and initiatives. They really do listen to the constituencies who make the most noise, so speak up!

9. Don't let someone buy your vote (or your silence). Who wants to be manipulated by the powers that be?  No one.

8. Votes make Democracy work. Our government is by the people for the people. But if the people disappear from the process, the whole thing will break down.

7. It's important to stay up to date on the issues. No matter what the policy, you should know how you are affected. If you're up to date on the issues, your far more likely to vote.

6. It's fun. Who doesn't love that little "I voted sticker"

5.  You should get paid from work for any time you take to vote--- so hey, wait it a line. Exercise your rights. And take a break from work.

4. You shouldn't complain if you don't participate. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but it drives me NUTS when people start facebook or twitter rants about something stupid that the government is doing but I know they don't take the time to actually go vote. If you don't participate you don't get to complain. (okay--- that's a tad extreme, but it still a pet peeve).

3. Every vote counts. Voting is the ultimate equalizer. No matter how much money you have, what you do or where you live. Your one vote counts the same as that billionaires.

2.  The government is broken--- this is the easiest way for you to help fix it. Record deficits, unfunded entitlements and a broken tax code. There are so many important problems that we desperately need to solve. Voting helps provide a direction to the country, let Congress know how you think we should fix it!

1. It's your Constitutional Right. How many millions of people are denied freedoms every single day? In this country alone just think about our relationship with voting throughout history. 90 years ago our mothers won the right to vote. Less than 50 years ago African Americans were barred from voting all across the country. We are so lucky to live in a country, no matter your race, gender, sexuality-- nothing bars you from exercising your freedom. Above all this is why I vote. I vote because I can.

Is that enough for you? You only have a few days left to register (there is a 30 day deadline) so go on and register

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