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Monday, June 10, 2013

Wonderful Walls

As we get closer and closer to moving day I'm continuing to dream about what my little apartment will look like in New Orleans. You already know about my bar cart, but there's a whole lot square footage beyond that. I know that I want a very clean ascetic. No clutter and tranquil colors, while still soft and feminine. While I love a good gallery wall (this one is fabulous), I feel like they can be overwhelming at times. If they aren't done correctly it makes a room look shorter and utterly cluttered.  No thank you. So instead of buying or creating some big artwork to fill up a wall, I'm thinking of going another direction.

Have you heard about this new product? Wallpaper for renters.  Amazing right? The mild adhesive keeps the walls safe, and then it saves you from having to re-paint before you move out. Love that.

So I'm thinking an accent wall in the bedroom, maybe in the kitchen as a backsplash? Or in a dinning area to make it feel like a separate room.  I can't decide.

What I am certain of is my love of gold wall paper. I found the most perfect chevron cream and gold adhesive paper this weekend (at Union Market, haven't found it online yet).



I just love how decadent and sophisticated it makes a room feel. I love this one and these.  There's just so many options out there!!! What's a girl to do.

So what do y'all think? Metallic wallpapers, yay or nay? 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bar Cart Beauties

With only two months left as a Washingtonian I'm beginning to dream about what life in New Orleans will look like. I'm foreseeing some long nights in the library, lots of warm weather, late nights on Magazine Street, and cocktails on the porch of my new New Orleans abode (that I have yet to find). Sounds pretty good right?

Since I'm planning on living on my own for the first time I'm thrilled to get complete and total control over the decor. Yay!!! So in the coming weeks I want to get y'all's oppinions on a few decor options I'm considering. I've come to learn you folks have the best taste around. 

First up, the ever important bar. I'm not sure what it is about having a "bar" in my house that makes me so happy (beyond the obvious bottle collection), but I just love the sheer decadence and sophistication of devoting a chunk of your living space to pretty glasses, bottles and trays. Whatever it is, I've decided that a bar is a must in my new abode. 

Right now I'm using a massive Ikea bookshelf turned on it's side for storage/ bar wares, but I'm thinking of switching over to a pretty bar cart. 


I mean, come on. Don't you love them all? While I'm still debating if I want to go for a cart, ooh... or maybe a tray or two on top of a buffet? I'm pulling all of the elements together.

bar cart

What would you put on your bar car?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Guest Post: Once in a Blue Room

I have a theory... Girls named Emily are pretty much awesome. I want to introduce you to someone who definitely supports my hypothesis. Meet Emily from Once in a Blue Room


Hi everyone, Emily here from Once in a Blue Room!  I'm thrilled to be filling in for a fellow Emily while she gets ready for the LSAT. Today I thought I'd share a little inspiration from one of my favorite Rothko paintings.  I'm currently obsessed with color blocking, so Rothko's bold hues are right up my alley!  Orange and pink are always a fun combo, especially as we transition from summer to fall.
 fashion: top, misslefridge. maxi, vince camuto. necklace, juicy couturedecor: striped throw, kira-cph.  chair, wayfair. pillow, one kings lane.  orange/white vase, jill rosenwald. orange/pink vase, jonathan adler

Again, a big thanks to Emily for having me today! Stop by and say hi sometime at Once in a Blue Room; I love meeting new friends & fellow bloggers! xoxo Emily Fitzgerald

I mean seriously, how much do you love this? I'm a relatively new follower of Emily's but she has quickly become one of my must reads! Make sure you go give her some love.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

I'm a huge fan of reading everyone's "Oh How Pinteresting" posts on Wednesdays, but I've never actually joined the link up. I know. I'm pretty much the only one. So, today I'm joining Michelle and the rest of the universe and linking up for...

I've been on a hunt for motivation lately. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is my horoscope. 

After you make major life decisions, do you ever get confirmations from the universe? Things out of the ordinary go your way? Well that has been the story of my life for the last two days.  I have a HUGE project that ends in a constituent lobby day on August 1. crazy. And I'm making decisions about the next step...

So, I have an announcement. I have decided to take the LSAT. yes. I am actually pretty excited about it, and getting the ball rolling on heading back to school at some point in the next few years. Hopefully between still working full time, and now taking an LSAT class 12 hours a week plus 24 hours of homework and practice, I will still find time to keep up the blog. I promise y'all I will do my best, but the LSAT is October 4th, so I maybe a little MIA, or the posts may not be their usual awesomeness until then. But, I still love you, and I will be back. In the meantime, lets keep the pinteresting going. 

all photos are linked on my pinterest page.

Happy Hump Day Y'all

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dreaming of Books.

Whew. So glad the heat has broken, anyone else?

In housekeeping news: don't forget, you only have 1 more day to enter the Rocks Paper Metal Giveaway. Then you should all totally follow me on Facebook. I don't know why I waited so long to make a page, but go here to follow me please :) thanks love.

Our DirecTV is still out after the derecho. we called on the 1st! and they couldn't come until the 12th! Ridiculous! But, that means we've long cleared out the dvr. I'm way behind on all of my housewives :( but I've been doing a fair amount of reading lately.

I saw this bedroom on Design*Sponge a few days ago, and I can't stop thinking about it. Books galore. It feels cluttered to me, but I'm kind of obsessed.

what do you think? should I attempt something similar? BTW. look at that headboard? AMAZING. seriously. my room needs some help. 

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Welcome back for another edition of Thursday Randoms. I had a great 4th yesterday and I hope you all did the same. I'm super excited about the Rocks Paper Metal Giveaway! Don't forget to check it out! 

Get ready for a photo intensive 4th of July Recap/Random happenings. 

  • I made these cheesecake yogurt cupcakes from Skinny taste and they were a hit! See the original recipe here. I did add a little lime zest to kick it up a bit, but that was the only change.

  • I have a rough life. I know. 

  • Red (White/Gold) and Blue Nails.
  • I need this to be my living room. 

  • I made this yummy salad for dinner the other night. Lettuce, blueberries, avocado, home grown tomato, feta, kalamata olives and homemade honey mustard dressing. yum
  • Homemade mojito, with random wild mint from our back yard. winning. 
  • Due to the crazy storms last weekend our internet was out (thank GOODNESS we didn't lose power). I hit up one of my favorites
  • Y'all! I braved the public pool, and I'm SO glad I did. It's awesome and totally not sketchy. okay it's slightly sketchy, but that can't keep me away!
  • Gotta Love Summer Time :)
  • I'm OBSESSED with this beer. Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment. LOVE it.  
  • Here's to hoping the week ends ASAP. that one day off was such a tease. 

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