Saturday, November 10, 2012

Homeward bound.

I'm coming home. Today. Right now. AHHH!!!!!!

I need the city. I need the noise. I need the metro. I need the $12 cocktails. 

I missed my bed. My cat. My clothes. My room. My friends. My DVR.

I am NOT cut out for life in the country. Steubenville. It's been real. But I'm coming home. 

What I will miss about Steubenville: the lack of traffic, the ridiculously cheap alcohol, the return to college-like lifestyle, the wonderful friends I made, our amazing vols and supporters, wearing dirty yoga pants everyday and passing as put together. Kroger. Being able to see the stars. Did I mention I didn't get dressed for almost a month? And of course the amazing campaign team. It was only a month, but these people seriously changed my life. You guys should seriously watch out because we are going to be a big deal one day. 

What I will not miss about Steubenville: 97% of the people who live here, the apathy, the amount of uneducated crazy republicans--- I don't care if you're a republican but PLEASE tell me why, the endless hours of fruitless call time. The lack of good coffee.  Everything is fried. The racism. Having to count the lettuce on a burger as a vegetable.  yard signs. Being able to see the stars. Not having time to do laundry.  Not getting to spend enough time playing with makeup. Not sleeping. Yard Signs. Fast Food. Canvassing the ghetto. oh and the yard signs. 

peace out Ohio. It's been real. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We did it.

*This is a letter to myself. I need a venue to just release my experience of the last month. I promise I'll curtail the political rhetoric to the best of my abilities in the future but for today just sit back and listen*

The emotional roller coaster  I've been on the last few weeks has been a crazy one, but I would do this again 100 times over. It was absolutely amazing to be apart of the team. I'm sure my experiences were like so many others in field, but the people and the volunteers I worked with were the greatest and the most frustrating all at the same time. Honestly, one of the greatest moments of my life was being on the staff call with POTUS today, after winning the election. E-day was just so surreal, I couldn't believe that it was really happening and we won. I spent the evening just thinking "is this really happening, no, they're still going to throw something at us." The win, hours of work, the emotional highs and lows of constituent contact, the massive disruption in my life plans and my utter exhaustion, none of it had sunken in. Not until that call when POTUS came on to thank the team. That's when it hit me. When he got chocked up about how honored he is to lead us, I just lost it. I started sobbing. I beyond proud to represent him, and beyond honored to have him say so many amazing things about our team. The weight of the last 5 months of stress just completely bottomed out from under me and I just melted. As I was driving to get some coffee and go break down the office, listening to that call and sobbing I spot one of our local characters Dwayne.

Dwayne spent a good seven hours of election day in front of our office with his boom box and an Obama sign dancing, inviting people in and encouraging the random passerby to vote. As I was utterly overwhelmed with emotion I pulled up to a stop sign and who do I see across the street? It's Dwayne still with his boom box still dancing a day later, screaming "Obama! Obama! Obama!"  I had to park the car and give him a hug and just thank him. He and the rest of these hard working people make this so worth it. He will probably never leave Steubenville, he'll never graduate college nor will he have the financial security that so many of us have grown accustomed to. But our president has made his life better. Duane has healthcare coverage for the first time in decades. His foodstamps are still there when life is especially hard. His utter enthusiasm for our President and the good work we've done and will continue to do, brings a smile to my face. He is why I did this. I'll never forget Dwayne dancing in the streets for President Obama in Steubenville, OH. Never.

Thursday, November 1, 2012



LSAT over.


I'm beyond thrilled. Have an insane amount energy to keep me going late into the evening. Which is good because I'll be at work until probably 3 am.

Thanks all of you for your support over the last what... 4 months? Jeez, I can't even believe it.  I'm so excited to get back home and finally start giving 100% to the blog again. It's been FAR too long.

I seriously can't even believe my score. It's 11 points higher than the last time I took the test. yes. you read that right. 11!!!!!

xo--- from Ohio!

That time I forgot Halloween....

Long time no see ladies! I only have a few minutes before call time starts again, but for my sanity I felt like I needed to check in with y'all and step away from the political rhetoric.

I forgot yesterday was Halloween.

Yes. You read that right. Epic fail on my part. I have completely tuned out all news, weather and general happenings if it doesn't somehow relate to the presidential race in Ohio.

So. On November 1, I'm sharing some lust worthy pumpkin bags to get me through.

pumpkin perfection

Jason Wu  |  Tory Burch  |  Dooney & Bourke  |  Kalina Satchel |  UDoBuy  |  BooHoo Shopper

Until another day ladies. I promise to resurface soon #5days!

PS if anyone is interested in doing some Get Out the Vote work this weekend send me an email ( 

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