Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NOLA recap

Well friends, I'm finally back. Trying to ease myself back in to real life only to find myself having to hit the ground running. Vacations when Congress is actually working is NOT good for my sanity. 

Anyways, New Orleans was absolutely lovely. I had a fantastic time exploring my new city with one of my best friends.  

The trip started and ended with horrible flying experiences with Delta. I'm talking 6-8 hour delays on both ends. I finally got to Kat's house around 3:30 am Friday morning (had to be at school by 9). Then I spent the day exploring my new school, meeting some of the other accepted students, and learning what fun the next three years will hold. 

Pictures from my iphone or kat's

Once I was done at school, the weekend was all ours. Fortunately it was French Quarter fest, so we got to enjoy the perfect weather in some sun and only a few cocktails. 

I also found my new favorite sandwich place (St. James Creamery). It was AMAZING. I'm already pumped to visit when I go back. 

Oh... Did you know it floods in New Orleans? Yep. We woke up to about 18 inches of rain in Kat's front yard Sunday morning. The car lived, thankfully.

Finally we did some more eating. And Drinking. (PS hand grenades are quite possibly the grossest drink I've ever had.) And then we ate and drank some more. Then it was time to come home, and a 6 hour travel day turned into a 13 hour one. Fun times y'all. 

New Orleans was absolutely lovely. I'm so excited about the prospect of spending a few years there. I feel much more at ease about leaving DC (I did tear up on the metro cross the Potomac last night. I love this city too much), but I know that DC will always be here to fall back on. 

I hope y'all will come visit me in NOLA! Now... let the countdown to August begin. 


Amy Shaughnessy said...

Good luck with your move to the south!! I've only been to NOLA a couple of times. SAD because I live in LA!!!


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Lyndsey Aaron said...

Sorry about your flying experience! I can't wait to see more fun photos of your time in NOLA!

Lyndsey said...

cute stuff! :)

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Sorry about the sucky flying experience! I have seen lots of bad stuff about Delta lately. That is some intense rain! Good Luck picking a school!

Alissa Kelly said...

Love your pics. Looks like you had a great time!


Jen said...

I love your pics! So sorry about your delays with Delta, I won't fly with them anymore because of issues in the past.

Wil Harris said...

It looks like you had a great time! Congrats on your acceptance!!! Looking forward to seeing more NOLA filled post :)
XO Wil Harris

Allyssa said...

Sounds like loads of fun! 18 inches of rain?! That's a really big puddle, haha.

Betty said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip! NOLA floods TERRIBLY! And EVERYWHERE!! My recommendation: rain boots. You'll make serious use of them!

I am sad to hear you don't like Hand Grenades - I LOVE them. You'll have to try a Shark Attack at the Funky Pirate one day those are my favorite (and different from Hand Grenades).

Can't wait to follow as you move here.

mQs said...

Sounds and looks like you had some well deserved fun!

Morgan Stone said...

I'm sure that will be a tough move, but it will also be an awesome one!! I've never been, but it looks like NOLA is pretty amazing. Glad you had a good time despite the flight delays :)

jackie jade said...

looks like you had an awesome time and that you will love your new city! i've still never been to new orleans, but would love to visit sometime.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure my bachelorette party will be in NOLA so you will definitely be seeing me once that comes around! I am so excited for you this is going to be the start of an amazing journey in a pretty cool city.


Smartificial Sweetener said...

Congrats on your acceptance! Sounds like New Orleans is going to be a great place to be for the next 3 years. My boyfriend just went down there for a bachelor party, so I can ask him for some recommendations for you (if he remembers anything). And never fly Delta again. It's the worst.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your hair looks amazing and so VA VA VOOM in these pics! Love it! I can't wait to visit you in NOLA and eat delicious sandwiches and beverages and enjoy beautiful weather. I am sad, however, to learn that hand grenades are not tastey.

Love love love! #DCcallie

Sara Miller said...

This makes me sad! How will I become better at sewing without you?

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...


Did you find a place to live, or are you not there yet?

Sarah Nice said...

I'll be living down there with my soon to be husband within the next year or two! I can't wait. :)


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