Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well Hey There 2013

Happy New Year Ladies!  Hope you all had a fab night last night! I wanted to get started bright and early this morning with a check in on the 25 before 25 and add a few resolutions to the list!

1. find a job that makes me happy. {womp womp. Big fail}
2. clear out my closets {got started this weekend, hope to attack it some more today}
3. learn how to sew {got a sewing machine for Christmas}
4. read 25 books {12 of 25-- got some work to do}
5. take time for projects {sort of???}
6. work to make new friends {Blog friends count right?}
7. show up for the ones I have {Blog friends count right?}
8. do a spending freeze for a month {nope}
9. practice meditation/yoga {not so much}
10. do something unexpected {Dropped everything to go work on a Presidential Campaign}
11. go to New York {not yet, but lets get something on the books!}
12. fill my walls with art that i love {no}
13. save money {sorta}
14. focus on fitness {not succeeding... but hopefully that will change in 2013!}
15. get enough sleep {definitely succeeding}
16. take the LSAT {10/6 DONE}
17. host a themed dinner party {Not yet}
18. volunteer {Definitely did some political volunteer work, but I want to do more in 2013}
19. treat myself, because I'm worth it {treated myself to a post LSAT massage}
20. upgrade the camera {Not yet...}
21. make 25 things found on pinterest and blog about it. {12 + 3, 4, }
22. practice making fun cocktails {here}
23. do a 5k {bahah. I'm not running outside. It's cold}
24. take a cooking class {If you hear of a good groupon or something, let me know!}
25. Blog every day for a month {December 2012. yep}
26. commit to continuing these goals once 25 comes and goes

Well... that's definitely progress since my last check in... but I still have a long way to go and less than four months to do it! Ahh! Now I want to add a few resolutions too: keep my car clean. spend more time enjoying dc. dedicate myself to the blog. Go back to yoga. de-clutter. read more. 


Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Fabulous! I'm so excited to see that you've knocked out so many on the list already! :) Love that you went to work on the presidential campagin, thanks for all your hard work!


Sara said...

I got a sewing machine for Christmas too! I am starting a beginners sewing class next Monday and it goes for about 7 weeks. You should totally sign up!!

Elle Sees said...

i feel like i've accomplished nothing in 2012. i'm hitting it hard this year!

Raquel said...

Happy new year!!

V said...

Great check-up on this list! Accountability is a lot when it comes to resolutions. Happy New Year.


Sarah Eaton DeClerk said...

Love this! I definitely need to make one of these lists as well! Give myself some accountability..

Sarah Eaton DeClerk said...

Love this!! I definitely need to do this as well to give myself some accountability.. After all, most days I do the same exact routine without even knowing- adding some spunk to every day life would surely make it more exciting. :)

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