Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest Post: Paint Wine Repeat

So, we are in the home stretch of LSAT studying 22 days to go! I have another fab guest post for y'all today. Amy is a craigslist hunter extraordinaire. I hope y'all love her (because I do), and go visit! Take it away Amy. 

Hello Blue Dog Belle readers!

I am honored to be guest posting for the beautiful and talented Emily today.
I'm Amy, a Canadian blogger, from Paint Wine Repeat. I love to complete DIY projects, test out new recipes and blog about life! I hope you will check out the rest of my posts if you like what you see here.

I, like many other people out there in cyberspace, love to find furniture online. As you probably know, there are services such as Craigslist that are online versions of classifieds (if you remember when newspapers were relevant and they had a whole separate section dedicated to such things!)
If you're willing to use some elbow grease AND if painting, staining and restoring furniture interests you, I encourage you to peruse these online classified for what you might be looking for. I should assure you that there are some items to be found that won't need any work, too!

I decided that since Emily is based in DC, it would be fun to find some awesome deals where she is!
Let the fun begin!!
This dresser is available for $100... and just needs a coat of paint and/or new hardware to brighten it up. You could probably barter to get a bargain and fix this puppy up with some TLC! I'm certain that mirror is removable too, if you'd rather not have it attached.

This next one... is a $75 accent chair that I wish I lived closer to, so that I could snag it for myself! Love the mix of wood and fabric, but mainly - it looks so cozy!! If you don't love the colour, you could always reupholster it down the road. But as is, this chair is pulling all the right moves... maybe its lines are just whispering sweet nothings to me? Anyone? Bueller?

This next one needs a little love... it's a round table with an awesome chrome base. It looks like he's worked his whole life in a conference room, but you could let him retire in your home! For $ could be yours. The top looks like wood veneer to me, so you could easily paint it a fun colour to add some spice to your kitchen. I think this baby is a diamond in the rough.

Here's a great example of a perfect as-is piece. This rocking chair would easily fit into a nursery or a porch without much fuss! At $25 only for the chair, you could also spend a little extra on paint or cushions to spruce it up if you like. That's the beauty of inexpensive finds, its up to you to discover their potential!

Things to expect when buying online:
1. You can barter. Try offering a lower price and see where it takes you. Be prepared though, that some sellers won't budge.
2. You'll have to be able to pick the item up. Some people offer delivery, but most expect you to make the trek and use your vehicle to transport the item.
3. You'll have to pay in cash.
4. It can be disappointing. Spot something too good to be true? It could be! If you want to be cautious, always arrange a time to view the piece before committing to buying it. This allows you to inspect it and make a decision without pressure.
5. You might need a thesaurus. Lots of people have different words for the same thing. Want a buffet for your dining room? Search buffet, but also try sideboard.

Disclaimer: Be alert when using these services of scams or giving out too much personal information. Always practice safety and don't meet someone alone.

What have you had the pleasure to find online? Is it too much work for you? Let's talk adventures in babysitting furniture finding...
Thanks to Emily for having me guest post and thanks to all of you for reading!
Happy searching :)


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Just stumbled upon your blog. LOVE!
New follower! Follow me back via GFC?

Evani Gatsby said...

Great tips for buying online! :) Thank you!

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