Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Well... it's official. Everyone is in full swing back to school mode. This marks my third fall not buying a new wardrobe, new pencils and other school supplies. Do y'all miss that? I know I do. 

What I don't miss is dolling out hundreds of dollars for books that I don't really use. Books that I will inevitably sell back for a tiny fraction of what I paid (though don't they always promise to buy them back for more?) 

When I was an undergrad, I had a faint idea that you could rent books, but never really gave it much thought. I assumed you couldn't highlight or underline (something I often did) with out forfeiting a deposit or something. Well come to find out, I was so very wrong. 

I recently found out about Campus Book Rentals and man, do I wish I knew about it years ago. You can rent almost any book for a fraction of the cost, up to 90% less. 

You can highlight them, until you can't highlight anymore. You don't have to pay for any shipping. If you're worried about the time frames, don't. They have super convenient and flexible rental periods. 

If you drop a class? Don't worry. You have 30 days to return for your money back (my campus bookstore gave you until the end of drop add, can you say rip off?)

If you fall in love with a book and want to hold on to it? Not a problem, just go to your handy account, and purchase it for a fraction of the cost you would've paid. 

Now y'all know me. I don't write sponsored posts for just anyone, but Campus Book Rentals has proven to be a trustworthy company, that I thought y'all should know about. 

Even if you're not heading back to school this fall, tuck this nugget away for the future if/when you do go back to school. I know I'm stocking it away for the coming fall... law school books are expensive... from what I hear. 

If you are heading back to school today (shout out to my bff KC!) I hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!!

Note: I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are solely my own. I would never advertise any product or company I do not support. 


Jamie said...

I miss back to school time SO much! I about cried when I saw the freshmen moving into GW this weekend!

Casey said...

I think I'm lucky...I haven't had to buy a single textbook yet for grad school. Maybe that's the advantage to studying something pretty cutting edge ;) Miss you EP!

Casey said...

I think I'm lucky, but I've yet to buy a book for grad school. Must be the advantage to studying something super cutting edge ;) Miss you EP and I'm proud of you for workin so hard! xoxo

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