Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Fancies #2 Football

So I've been sitting here all morning, wondering. Why hasn't anyone commented on my cute Gameday outfit. Was it that bad? Well... then I realized I never scheduled the post. Woops. Blogger fail. 

Today I'm linking up for

but since I have football on the brain, I'm doing my own theme. Hope you ladies are okay with that

 dress braceletearrings | koozie | shoes

Tomorrow kicks off the Georgia Football Season. We're playing Buffalo, and I'm hoping that my preseason no. 6 Bulldogs kill it. Lets start off well this year boys. Last year 0-2, that was not so fun. Even if we still won the east and almost beat LSU in Atlanta (It would have been really nice if that game ended at halftime). So boys. I believe in you. 

I'll probably be on the road tomorrow en route to Charlotte, but I'll be cheering you on in spirit. Go Dawgs! Sic 'em. Woof Woof Woof. 

I will be Charlotte all of next week. I'm going to try to blog on my phone, but I have absolutely no idea what that will look like, so please forgive me if there is some silence around these parts. Rest assured I will be tweeting and instagramming up a storm. Make sure you follow me: Instagram @EmPri88 and Twitter 

Have a great long weekend ladies. See you soon! Charlotte. Here I come :)

Go Dawgs!


Jen said...

I am in love with that dress!!!! I must have!

Anonymous said...

That dress is cute! Looks like one of the ones from Shop Dandy. Have a great weekend! :)


Jamie said...

Very cute game day look, LOVE that chevron dress!

Alissa Kelly said...

Such a cute outfit. I'm dying to get me some Jack Rodgers!!! Have a great weekend love!


My-cliffnotes said...

I love the dress!

Have a fav week!!!

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