Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Post: Lawfully Wedded Wife Feat. AP_Peach

Hello Blue Dog Belle readers! I'm an old friend of the Belle and am super excited to have the pleasure of guest posting for her today. I'm currently entering my final year of law school, and I keep myself sane by blogging about food and healthy living over at Lawfully Wedded Wife. Any time I get to see Emily is a treat and it has become one of my favorite pastimes to cook for her and my other girlfriends. The two of us also share a mutual obsession with makeup and all things beauty.

Emily is practically a member of our family so it's no surprise that she and my sister Ashley are friends too. They are actually BIRTHDAY TWINS (my sister just turned nine) so it makes sense that they get along so well! Fashion/beauty blogging is not exactly within my comfort zone (I blog about pancakes and brownies! :) ) so I decided to seek the assistance of the little sis for this post. She's an aspiring fashion designer and definitely knows her clothes. Her favorite summer trend is maxi dresses and she wants to tell you all about it. Take it away, Ashley!

The pink maxi dress that Ashley wears during most of the video is from the Epic Threads line at Macy's. But her favorite maxi dress is this blue and green one with a matching shrug from the Brasil children's collection (also at Macy's).

She paired it with a set of silver bangles and a turquoise wrap bracelet that we made ourselves using this great Youtube tutorial from one of my favorite beauty gurus.

For shoes she picked this pair of pink and metallic sandals from Stride Rite.

And on her lips she's wearing a little Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. She's a allowed to wear a little makeup for special occasions like this one. ;)

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope that you all come visit us at my blog for some great recipes and other fun!



Jamie said...

This is adorable!

Elle Sees said...

It saysI can't view your profile :(

Lauren said...

How precious is that last picture?! Future model right there!

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