Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Hey ladies,

I've seriously been missing y'all lately. I hope you've been enjoying all the guest posts. I know I appreciate the break from daily blogging (plus I love getting to know some of my favorite ladies a little better), but I miss y'all. I miss writing, and I feel like I'm phoning it in. When I started this blog I knew it would be a time commitment, but sometimes it's really like a second job. whew. emails, comments, writing code, keeping track of a schedule? It can definitely get overwhelming at times. I know this whole LSAT thing is temporary, but man is it a lot of work. Since I haven't really updated y'all on my day to day happenings lately, I'm going to do a bit of a check in.

Trying to get in a few more fruits and veggies | Succeeding at Brunch at Matchbox

Some of the greenery in my life lately. Pretty flowers on my desk | basil on the stoop

who doesn't need georgetown cupcake in their life | latest makeup obsessions

Not that y'all are super interested in the details of my LSAT prep (though if anyone wants to talk about it/has questions, I could probably discuss the subject for hours), but I wanted to share a little bit of my progress. I'm about a month in to my class, and I hadn't really been seeing improvements in my scores. BUT I took a timed full length test on Sunday and had a wonderful 6 pt bump (You can score a 120-180, generally you need to be 150+ to get in to any school). I was so happy I literally jumped up and did a happy dance around my kitchen. not kidding. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off come test day.

It's August Recess. I forgot how awesome August in DC can be. No traffic. Recess hours for weeks on end. No mandatory fundraisers or other functions requiring appearances. Jeans whenever? I mean, I'm loving it.

I have also been craving chocolate milk like a crazy person lately. I've gone through like 4 containers of chocolate soy/almond milk in the last 2 weeks. It's kind of ridic.

sidenote--- I'm not a health freak person, but drinking milk kind of sketches me out. I've never been a big fan taste or texture wise, but I can't get over the whole drinking another animals milk... pretty sure we're the only species that does that. I don't know. I much prefer almond and soy milks. thanks.

 Oh! I won one of Fashionably Broke's giveaways--- any pair of glasses from Firmoo

what do y'all think? I'm kind of obsessed with them! I have this stupid dream of being mistaken for a hipster... and I feel that these glasses might just help this dream come to fruition.

Why I desire to be mistaken for a hipster is beyond me. I think it's probably because I'd like to blend in with the cool kids... and in my neighborhood (Bloomingdale for all you dc folk) hipsters reign supreme.

I think that's about everything happening in my life lately. I really just go to work and practice for the LSAT.

HOWEVER. I'm going to do my best to make it to Kate's big shopping event on Sunday. Let me know if you're going! If you aren't, you pretty much need to.

Now that recess is here, and I only have 2 more weeks of lsat class, I'm hoping to put a little more effort into my posts. Have some exciting things planned for you ladies, so I hope you keep coming back!

In the mean time, I'll see you for a cocktail around these parts some time tomorrow.


kathj06 said...

Congrats! I am SAD I wasn't there for the kitchen dance!! I could've added it to my growing collection of videos of Emily dancing.

Leslie said...

I want a basil plant!! I keep seeing them at Trader joe's and need to buy one! And that cupcake looks like Heaven. I want one!!

Krista @ Blonde Aesthetic said...

Missed seeing you last night! Congrats on the bump!

Niki said...

I love your glasses! And that cupcake looks delicious!!!

Jamie said...

Congrats on your highest LSAT score yet! And congrats on winning that giveaway, the glasses look great on you!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Cute glasses!! And Mendi has been on a chocolate milk kick recently too! :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Good job on the improvement in your score! Keep studying hard and it will pay off!

Loving your new glasses :)

Wil Harris said...

I love this post and its randomness! Congrats on getting a 6 point bump, happy face!! Lol, about drinking other species milk! Have you tried making homemade almond milk? It is the best and my sisters and I are always making it.

Chris said...

I love fresh flowers everywhere! AND I love those glasses!

erica said...

How cute are you in those glasses. Gorgeous flowers and your basil is doing fabulous. xo

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