Friday, August 10, 2012

{Friday Cocktail} Irish Iced Coffee

I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately. So much that I've started brewing a cup at night, and letting it sit in the microwave so it's ready to go first thing in the morning. I've recently added decaf to my routine. Nights I have LSAT class I make at least 2 maybe even three cups of decaf. I don't know if it's the slight trace of caffeine or the idea of drinking coffee that helps keep me up more... but whatever it is, it's working. 

Obviously I have coffee on the brain. So when I started to brainstorm ideas for this week's Friday cocktail I had to do something coffee based. clearly. This week I have a pretty traditional Irish iced coffee. Nothing fancy, because "we don't got time for dat" *is it lame to still quote that youtube video? I don't care. I'm doing it anyways.

  • Lots of ice
  • 6 oz. cold coffee (could be semi warm, just not hot. You are not trying to melt the ice)
  • 3 oz. Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Tbsp. Creamer (I'm obsessed with fat free half and half--- I just discovered its existence)
  • Sugar to taste (whatever sweetener you like is fine), for me there is enough sweetness in the bailey's to cover it.

 Combine sweetener and your cool coffee until completely dissolved. Then add the Irish Cream Liqueur and Creamer, stir until combined. Pour over ice. Enjoy

This is so easy and so good. All the creaminess makes it a real treat, but if you use the fat free half and half, omit the sugar, etc. It's really not very sinful. You can get fancy and add chocolate or a dash of cinnamon, or try topping it with a heaping dollop of whipped cream. This would be great for the end of a long dinner party, to sip on and chat. Plus other than brewing the coffee there's hardly any work involved.

If you have any questions about this or any other cocktail recipe please send me an email. Also, I'm always looking to make blog friends so if you ever want to guest post your own Friday Cocktail, let me know, I'd be happy to get you on the schedule.

Have a great weekend loves! I'm hopefully going to see these ladies and not spend all weekend with my nose in an lsat book.


Terri said...

Is it too early for one of these?.. Maybe, but I could still use a special coffee after this week.

Jamie said...

You had me at Bailey's.

Kate Julian said...

Perf! WHat time are you coming over, bartender?

dahi. said...

hui das klingt gut!

ich mache im moment eine blogvorstellungs-aktion. vielleicht hast du ja lust mitzumachen. 5-10 blogs werden ausgewählt.


Niki said...

This sounds sooo good! I'm going to try it with the fat free half & half!

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