Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy SOTU and Mardi Gras!

Today is quite possibly the most epic Tuesday ever. Do you know why?

It's Mardi Gras! A day devoted to over-indulging. So eat that chocolate with a side of king cake, drink an extra bottle glass of wine tonight, and have some beer waiting because guess what else....

Tonight is the State of the Union!!!! Woohoo! Quite possibly my favorite political night of the year. (I'm a nerd I know. Judge away). 

For those politico-dc types that read this blog, if you don't know about Cloture Club, you need to. It's one of my go-to sites to find out what's happening on the hill, you know all the fun stuff not that boring business of legislating. 

Anyways, they put out this fantastic idea of a SOTU (State of the Union) drinking game! How fun is that?  So here are the rules...

Or if drinking isn't so much your thing, maybe try playing SOTU Bingo! Here or Here or Here.  I'll probably print off a few boards and attempt both, while wearing plenty of beads, duh. Fun times right? I think so.

Happy Tuesday Gals!


My-cliffnotes said...

So fun def playing this!

Jessica Manning-Garner said...

Happy Fat Tuesday! Just wanted to let you know that I am making my way to Sephora this weekend to buy the Nars Orgasm Illuminator this week. That's the blush I use, so I'm going to try the illuminator! Thanks for the rec!

Stylejourneys said...

LOL hahahah


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh, SOTU; one of my favorite nights no matter who is in office. The people watching is fantastic in addition to knowing where the POTUS sees our country currently and where he hopes to go. My friend and I are betting on Obama's tie color choice - any guesses? I bet on purple.

Vale ♥ said...

Happy Mardi gras to you from Italy :-) Kisses

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

SOTU night! Yeah!!

I've eaten very fatty today.

dk said...

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DC in STYLE said...

Fun idea!!! Happy Mardi Gras!!

Lauren said...

Happy Mardi Gras! I'm cooking etoufee as we speak. All hail Fat Tuesday. That SOTU drinking game looks hilarious. When will I actually play one of these political drinking games??

LiveYour Best said...

Haha. that's a hilarious photo of Obama!

Love for you to visit me!

-Jan, your newest follower =)


Melissa said...

I love these kinds of games! :) :)

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

hahaha I love me a good drinking game!

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