Thursday, February 28, 2013

25 before 25: Update

Well folks. It's the last day of February. Where is 2013 going? What's more scary is my 25th birthday is quickly approaching. There are a lot of new ladies here since I last talked about my 25 before 25 project, and in order to keep myself accountable for these last two months I want to quickly check in and update y'all on my progress. My last update was on New Years Day (here are some older updates from August and June). 

1. find a job that makes me happy. {I have decided to make law school my new job. Hope it makes me happy}

2. clear out my closets {definitely would like to do more, but I've been making a conscious effort to reduce the closet clutter}

3. learn how to sew {100% done. I've made pants, scarves, place-mats, skirts. Yay! Huge win here!}

4. read 25 books {16 of 25-- got some work to do}

5. take time for projects {I'm going to count all of my sewing projects. so yes!}

6. work to make new friends {absolutely. I've made a few new friends in the last 10 months that will be around for the long haul, not to mention my hundreds of new blog friends}

7. show up for the ones I have {I could be doing better, but trying}

8. do a spending freeze for a month {working on a modified version- I gave up buying lunch for lent, and have curtailed the shopping since February 3}

9. practice meditation/yoga {not so much}

10. do something unexpected {Dropped everything to go work on a Presidential Campaign}

11. go to New York {not yet, but lets get something on the books!}

12. fill my walls with art that I love {not yet}

13. save money {working towards a goal before law school. Hoping that I'll make it}

14. focus on fitness {not as much as I would like}

15. get enough sleep {definitely succeeding}

16. take the LSAT {10/6 DONE}

17. host a themed dinner party {Not yet}

18. volunteer {Definitely did some political volunteer work, but I want to do more}

19. treat myself, because I'm worth it {treated myself to a post LSAT massage}

20. upgrade the camera {Not yet...}

21. make 25 things found on pinterest and blog about it. {{12 + 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 91011121314, 15, 161718, 19 getting close! }

22. practice making fun cocktails {here}

23. do a 5k {Hahah. this one will most likely not happen. Maybe I'll go on a 5k walk around the city during cherry blossoms}

24. take a cooking class {Any bloggers out there want to do one with me?}

25. Blog every day for a month {December 2012. yep}

26. commit to continuing these goals once 25 comes and goes

So that's where I am. Some of these goals aren't a simple activity I can cross off, but more lifestyle changes. I also know that some of my priorities have changed since I put this list together, so if I don't make it, I don't make it. That's okay.


Betsy Transatlantically said...

yay for blog friends! and not buying lunch for Lent is BRILLIANT. I may try that for a month!

Mrs. Type A said...

Good progress so far!

Sara said...

First of all, YAY on sewing! (and blogging friends!) But I want to help out with more of the 25 before 25. A) I would LOVE to take a cooking class. Let's google some today? B) The 5k. Girl, you know I will run with you and I am NOT fast. C) Pinterest crafting party? I think so.

Let's get on these-- not much time left!

Melissa said...

You're doing fantastic. I love that you're committing to these after your 25th too! said...

I have always wanted to take a cooking class! Sign me up for a weekend one! Running a 5K is awesome you will love doing it! You're doing a great job getting the list complete good job!

Brea Ellis said...

Ok girl I need an invite to the themed dinner party and I'm all in for the cooking class! And I agree giving up buying lunch for lent is an amazing idea kudos to you!
WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Tarin said...

Hey Emily! I can't believe that you're almost 25! It seems like just yesterday you and Sara were locking Paige and me in your dad's trunk (remember that one?) anyways if you're interested in getting started into yoga there are 2 Youtube ones that I highly recommend that are really great for starting out and aren't too long. (cafemoms studios has 3 20-minute videos and sadie nardini has tons that range from 10-minuts to 30 minutes).

Allyssa said...

You're doing great! You've inspired me to create a list of my own! I turn 25 in April so I think once that happens I'll do a 26 before 26. Time to start thinking of goals!

HMB said...

I'm so jealous you've learned to sew! That's such a useful skill!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Good for you for getting all of that done. I haven't sewn in so long! I used to make pants, skirts, costumes for Halloween but I wonder if I even can thread my machine anymore...

Fashion and Beauty Finds

Jen said...

You are doing so good! Jealous about the sewing lol.

Haley said...

Oh my gosh I love this! I turn 25 in October. I might have to start a list stat and get to work. I'm impressed by yours!

Jayme and Mendi said...

We think you have done awesome! You learned to sew?? That's awesome!! Go on girl!! :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Terri said...

You are doing a LOT better than I am. I'm also QUITE jealous of your sewing skills. I've always wanted to, I just stink at it. :)

Anonymous said...

Take a trip to NYC sometime and I will meet you! Maybe you could even come stay with me in rustic Litchfield County, Connecticut!

jackie jade said...

great goals! you've accomplished so much. i really need to learn to sew and put up art on our walls!

Katie said...

you've done a lot! yeah for learning how to sew!

Casey said...

You're such a rockstar, and I'm so so proud of you! What books have been your favorite from the ones you've read??

Oby@Fashion.Art.Crafts-Etc said...

I came across your blog and this posting and it's so fun! You have some great goals. Love the volunteering and treating yourself after something big like the LSAT! A theme dinner sounds like so much fun. I totally want to do a cooking class and I'm teaching myself how to sew now!

Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving said...

Loving your list!! I like that it's mixed with easy to do's and fun things and then challenges.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Knowing how to sew is awesome. I often wish I did, but don't have the drive to invest the time and patience in it.

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