Thursday, June 7, 2012

{25 before 25}

After Reading Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness ProjectI've been inspired to do my own. Her whole story did not focus on her unhappiness, but how she actively worked to make herself (and her family) happier.  The book made me realize that I really am the only one who can make myself happy. And while I don't think I'm generally unhappy, I am always looking towards the future, what will make me happy then? What career? What city? a husband? kids? a puppy? But I don't want any of those things right now. I need to live more in the moment. Do things that make me happy today, just because I can. I really think even small steps towards happiness will make a huge difference in my life. Gretchen focused on a different aspect of her life each month, but I've decided to do mine in the form of a 25 before 25 project. As I write this I have approximately 10 months before I hit the big quarter century. These are some of the things that I hope to cross off the list before then.

1. find a job that makes me happy.
2. clear out my closets
3. learn how to sew
4. read 25 books
5. take time for projects
6. work to make new friends
7. show up for the ones I have
8. do a spending freeze for a month
9. practice meditation/yoga
10. do something unexpected
11. go to new york
12. fill my walls with art that i love
13. save money
14. focus on fitness
15. get enough sleep
16. take the LSAT
17. host a themed dinner party
18. volunteer
19. treat myself, because I'm worth it
20. upgrade the camera
21. make 25 things found on pinterest and blog about it.
22. practice making fun cocktails
23. do a 5k
24. take a cooking class
25. Blog every day for a month
26. commit to continuing these goals once 25 comes and goes

My deadline is April 24, 2013. Wish me luck. I've also created a new page here so you can keep track of my progress through out this next year.

Do you have any kind of happiness project? or a 25 before 25? 30 before 30? I'd love to hear about it!


Leslie said...

What a great list!! Love this!
I want to read that book too..I keep hearing great things about it!

Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife said...

Love this, great idea! I struggle with living in the moment too...I'm sure being at the quarter life point as we are has something to do with that. Best of luck on your list! Number 8 is a DOOZY, haha!

Betsy said...

what amazing goals! good luck - can't wait to read along as you succeed :)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Let me just tell you that I need to do a few of those things on that list myself! I really would like to learn to sew too!


Tiffany said...

Oh I love the Happiness Project!! Great list that you have going! Good luck with the LSAT---such a stupid, stupid test.


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