Friday, June 1, 2012

{May Goals: Recap}

Remember when I did my May Goals post? Well, it's officially June folks. So let me do a quick recap of how I did.
  1. Read a book a week (or 5 a month)-- Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, The Happiness Project, The House on Oyster Creek
  2. Start studying for the LSAT again-- sort of, bough a groupon for an online course, but haven't used it yet
  3. Relax more-- Vacation, Check
  4. Do yoga for at least 20 minutes 5 times a week.
  5. Enjoy my friends more
  6. Make new friends-blog friends count right?
  7. lose 7 pounds-- not so much. p
  8. Get back in the gym--Although slightly deterred by the vacation, I'm doing better!
  9. Stick to an eating plan- Stupid vacation
  10. Get serious about job hunting-- Hopefully we'll have some news soon.
  11. Set up 2 random coffee dates-- fail
  12. Stick to a strict budget-- ehh... not really
  13. Visit the Doctor-it's a very long story, but no. I have an appointment on Monday though :)
  14. Drink more water- nope
  15. Plan a trip to Atlanta-nope
  16. Plan a different trip for August- not yet
  17. Keep my room cleaner-sorta?
  18. Re-organize my makeup situation-- currently its a hot mess
  19. Get rid of 10 pieces of clothing/shoes-- I don't have room.
  20. Oh Walk 10K a day-- Yep!
  21. Finish 1 DIY project. just one. 
  22. Execute a fabulous birthday party-- It was great, read here
  23. Re-design the blog-- I can't believe I failed on this one. I haven't had a ton of time to really look for a new design/designer I love, so recommendations are always appreciated. 
  24. Start taking pictures on my camera, not the old iPhone. 
  25. Drink less caffeine--fail.
  26. Get new running shoes.
  27. Pick a new computer-- See #12.
  28. Wash my face EVERY MORNING and EVERY NIGHT- not perfect, but much better
  29. Whiten my teeth.
  30. DON'T buy any new products unless I'm ABSOLUTELY out- Woohoo, Can't believe I actually did it!
  31. Treat myself to a mani-pedi-- because lets be honest, I deserve it. Especially if I achieve even half of these goals. 
Well... That's a lot of red. I did okay, but I could have done a lot better. I am liking this though, reflecting on personal growth each month. It's definitely keeping me accountable. I'm giving myself a mini-pass this month, because it was a really busy one, and I was gone for over a third of it, so... those 10 days don't count right? 

I want some time to think about my June Goals, so I'll try to get a post up about that sometime over the weekend.

I'm so glad it's finally Friday! woohoo! I have a semi-busy weekend planned with Nat's games (if it doesn't rain), costume parties and Blogger Blitz!!! So excited!!!

Hope y'all have a great one!


Kate Julian said...

You should definitely come to the next event! It was a blast.
I love this idea. Putting your goals out there is hard because then people hold you acoutnable! Haha good on ya girl

Leslie said...

What did you think about The Happiness Project and The House on Oyster Creek?? I have heard of both of them!

Wil Harris said...

You may not have accomplished everything on your list but that's okay. You probably learned a lot about yourself just from this list. This is a good list! You're very brave for sharing this on your blog. Keep up the good work girly!!!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

That's a lot of goals!! You did great! I look at them as anything achieved is a plus and more than before, right?

Blue Dog Belle said...

I LOVED the Happiness Project. It really makes you re-evaluate. I'd highly recommend it.

The House on Oyster Creek was a good story, but it was a little slow moving for my taste though.

Both good solid reads!

Blue Dog Belle said...

You're totally right!

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