Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Thursday Randoms

  • Some days you just need to write a blog post in bullet form. So here you go. 
  • I stayed at work yesterday until 10 pm. I am DRAGGING today, let me tell you. 13 hour days are for real, no fun. EVEN when drinking is involved.
  • I am also suffering from a minor mid week hangover. what the heck? "I don't got time for that"
  • I finally broke out the sear sucker for Sear Sucker Thursday! But now I remember why I so rarely participate (this skirt is too short for work. oh well)
  • I went to a CRAZY huge UGA reception at Union Station last night. It was awesome.
  • Outgoing President Michael Adams (President of UGA) really needs to get his teeth whitened. Come on dude, you make a lot of money, you are making us look bad. 
  • I really miss college. 
  • I REALLY don't know what to do about Grad School.
  • I am beyond over this hot weather that has suddenly invaded DC. I get that it's officially summer now, but seriously? I am not ready for heat indexes 100+, for reals, not okay.
  • I wore a dark suit yesterday--> worst decision of my life
  • Have you ever swam in a public pool? Something about it just kind of irks me. I feel like they are full of diseases and urine. BUT there is a pool like 3 blocks from my house, and I'd really like to start swimming laps after work. But... eww, I don't know if I can do it. 
  • I love jambalaya. (and plan to have some for lunch today, just thought you should know)
  • I forgot to put on foundation today. I just forgot. My make up routine is slightly extensive but I have the exact same routine for my face. just about every day. primer. concealer. foundation. powder. blush. more powder. Today I did primer (stila bronze). then cheek stain. then powder.WTH?  I don't even know. I'm tired.
  • I might go get gelato for a post lunch snack. I've been thinking about my Sunday trip to Pitango all week. 
  • ALL week I've been thinking that the fourth of July is on Wednesday (meaning next week is a very odd 4 day week). NO wrong. We have a whole other week in between. NOT FAIR.
  • I really want to take a "mental health day" soon... but I want to plan it to be AWESOME. DC peeps, any suggestions on random day time activities?
  • OH. So I had a huge tech victory yesterday! I figured out how to make a blog button! OMG I know right? I'm so impressed with myself y'all have no idea, well... actually most of y'all probably do. If you want my button you can get it here...


  • Does anyone want to do a button swap? leave a comment or email me at 
  • I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. FRIDAY. these weeks just keep getting more and more painful
  • Pretty sure that's all I've got for you today. Maybe I'll double up tomorrow since I feel like my posts have been lacking the last few days. Summer cocktail and a Friday Fancy? I think yes.
Have a great day lovelies.


Jamie said...

Haha I like this post. I am totally feeling several of those bullet points myself. Particularly about missing college. Oh, to be young again, haha. Also, I am unsure of public pools as well. Oh and re: mental health day - do it! Go to Georgetown, go shopping, eat somewhere fancy, take a nap or two!

HMB said...

I was a little weirded out about public pools at first too but the Volta pool is within walking distance to my house so its just too convenient! Plus its suprisingly nice for a DC public pool!

Erin said...

Bullets make my brain happy, thanks for that.

I love that I'm not the only one that has been hungover on a weekday, thank you also for that.

I HEAR you in that whole heat thing and public pool. I chose park sprinklers instead of an NYC pool...eww.

And I loveee Gelato!

Shannon said...

I think I need to make a button as well and swapping would be great!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Let's do it! Let me know if you need any help making one. it's a pain, but totally worth it!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Good to know. Thanks love!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Yay for buttons, lets swap lady.

I feel the same about pools, umm kids totally pee in there and there isn't enough chlorine in the world to clean that ish.


Blue Dog Belle said...

Just put yours up love!

Shannon said...

What size is a good size?

Jayme and Mendi said...

I kept thinking that we had a day off next week too and then was rudely brought back to reality. Dang! :-)

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Blue Dog Belle said...

Maybe 250 px wide by whatever. Mine is 250 by like 187 or something like that.

Blue Dog Belle said...

I really need to start going to georgetown more often. I'm too much of a hill rat. I need to branch out.

Elle Sees said...

You ate too cute. Following you now! Gooooooo dawgsssss

Blue Dog Belle said...

I'm glad I'M NOT the only one!

Blue Dog Belle said...

beyond annoying right?

Kelsey Heinze said...

You know what, I totally understand the bullet post, and I loved it. Honest, funny, and adorable! Happy Friday!

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