Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

Is there anything worse than a rainy Monday morning? I don't think so. I really could have used a three day weekend, but work promises to be far too busy slash I will be here until probably 9 tonight (ugh) thus adding to my pain. This weekend those was one of those wonderful, only in DC kind of a weekend.  

Painted my nails. 

Sunday we brunched in Columbia Heights at The Getaway with a few friends, and let me tell you it was awesome. I got a spicy bloody mary and this gem of a sandwich. A Fried Green Tomato BLT. WHAT? I know. It was SO good. Fried Green Tomatoes. Bacon. Avocado Ranch. Goat Cheese. Brioche Bun. and Sweet Potato Tots. Are you dying yet? This place is right on 14th Street in Columbia Heights but you have to walk maybe 4-5 blocks up from the metro to get there (I doubt I would have ever found it if my friends didn't live next door)

Saturday Night we hit up H Street Country Club, which you know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I was a posting fiend. 

also. I'm not trying to be that girl but can we talk about how tan I look? For reals. I've never been any color other than white. Sunless tanner is changing my life. oh and bronzer. and bronze primers. and maybe a little time in the sun. But still. 

dress is from Forever 21

Found some time for a Pitango stop at Eastern Market. Man I forgot how good that stuff is. Lemon + White Grapefruit Sorbet. my mouth is seriously watering as I type this. 

Saturday afternoon we went for a walk/yard sale-ing in the hood and did the obligatory stop at Big Bear. I wore a fedora so I would feel slightly more hipster and fit in. but lets be honest I will never pass for a hipster. 

Oh and this happened. 

I know its a very blah tweet. but still. Emily Eddington is like my makeup idol. I seriously worship her, and everything she does. and she tweeted me. I died. 

So. That's about it. Sorry it was all out of order, but that's how my photos loaded, and I didn't feel like changing them around. 


smk053078 said...

Girl, you are tan!!! Yay for the self tanners!!! ;) Try not to work too hard today...maybe you can have another bloody mary when you get home!!


Alissa Kelly said...

Loooooove your nails!!! Seems like a great weekend! :)

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

I hear you on the whiteness! What do you use for self-tanner? I'm in love with L'Oreal Sublime gel, but I'm always looking for the next big thing!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my goodness I love your nails! That dress is so cute... I haven't been to F21 in forever, but I am thinking a trip there is in store ASAP! xo

Kirsteen said...

Lemon + white grapefruit sorbet sounds amazing!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Haha. I think that sounds like a plan. Thankfully in the world of politics there is usually alcohol involved in any post-5:00 work activities, so that helps.

Blue Dog Belle said...

oh it was... mmm. I may have to go back tonight.

Blue Dog Belle said...

Thanks love. You really do need to pay them a visit. I feel like they've seriously stepped it up lately.

Blue Dog Belle said...

thanks love!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

That food/drinks looks amazing. YUMMY.

Holler for tweets!!!


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