Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{May Goals}

Since I've been reading blogs I love watching the evolution of the author. Be it someone just getting into fashion or makeup, someone trying to eat healthier, lose weight, or exercise more, or even a new mommy to be I love watching all of you set goals and achieve them. There's just something so inspiring about it all. With that said I am going to start a new monthly goal series (and a yearly goal, be on the look out for a 25 before 25 soon). Since there are 31 days in May I would like to set 31 goals. Hopefully I succeed at all of them, but even just a few would be great.

  1. Read a book a week (or 5 a month)-- I'm going on vacation so between plane time and beach time hopefully I can get this one done.
  2. Start studying for the LSAT again-- Ugh. I just need to do it. October will be here before you know it.
  3. Relax more-- Puerto Rico here I come!
  4. Do yoga for at least 20 minutes 5 times a week.
  5. Enjoy my friends more
  6. Make new friends
  7. lose 7 pounds-- This will put me at a big milestone for me (and I've been gaining and losing the same 4 pounds for almost 4 months now, time to step it up)
  8. Get back in the gym-- I've been moderately exercising with yoga and walking but if I'm going to be serious about those 7 lbs I've got to get back on the elliptical.
  9. Stick to an eating plan- too often I sabotage myself. I need to pick a diet and stick to it. no fudging the rules.
  10. Get serious about job hunting-- Time to have the talk with the big boss.
  11. Set up 2 random coffee dates-- be it networking or a real date. 2 people I don't know at all.
  12. Stick to a strict budget-- between recent car disasters (thank you stupid rats) and stolen laptops, and too much shopping I've gotten in a serious hole.
  13. Visit the Doctor-- I've been putting of this appointment for far too long.
  14. Drink more water
  15. Plan a trip to Atlanta
  16. Plan a different trip for August
  17. Keep my room cleaner
  18. Re-organize my makeup situation-- currently its a hot mess
  19. Get rid of 10 pieces of clothing/shoes-- I don't have room.
  20. Oh Walk 10K a day-- it's a competition at work during the month of May. I have to walk 10,000 steps every day. whew. I hope I can do it. Yet another motivation for #8.
  21. Finish 1 DIY project. just one. 
  22. Execute a fabulous birthday party this Saturday. Happy Cinco de Mayo people.
  23. Re-design the blog-- I think it's time I actually invest in this thing and get a new layout, maybe a button or two. Have any of you worked with a good designer? I need suggestions.
  24. Start taking pictures on my camera, not the old iPhone. 
  25. Drink less caffeine-- See #14.
  26. Get new running shoes.
  27. Pick a new computer-- See #12.
  28. Wash my face EVERY MORNING and EVERY NIGHT.
  29. Whiten my teeth.
  30. DON'T buy any new products unless I'm ABSOLUTELY out. 
  31. Treat myself to a mani-pedi-- because lets be honest, I deserve it. Especially if I achieve even half of these goals. 
Well... what do you think? Do you have any goals for the month of May? I'll check back in at the beginning of June and let you know how I did!


Wil Harris said...

I love all of these goals! You can do it!!!
One of my goals this month is to have a nightly routine. I need one bad because my sleep pattern is off. I also want to do a DIY project, Pinterest here I come!

Kelsey Heinze said...

OK two things. 1. Use designer blogs they're the best. 2. What are you reading right now?

Blue Dog Belle said...

Okay. I love your lay out, so I'll definitely look at them.

Currently I'm reading "The House on Oyster Creek" I've been on and off reading it for over a year, but it has gotten really good so hopefully I'll finish it in a day or two!

smk053078 said...

You are going to be one BUSY lady!! Your goals inspired me to set a few more for saving money...that is the hardest one for me to do!
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A Southern Belle in DC said...

These are pretty similar to mine too, meet some new friends and actually see the ones I have. It can be hard to do that on the hill, y'know?

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh, I totally agree. When I worked on the hill I only EVER saw my co-workers. Life is a little slower now that I'm out here in the private sector :(

Giovanna said...

Fun post! I really like your list! It makes things seem more manageable! I need to get on making my own list too! Good luck with the LSAT--I know that test too well!


Katherine said...

I fully support 15 and 17!!!!

Blue Dog Belle said...

of course you do.

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I could definitely take a few lessons on not buying any more products unless I'm out -- ha! I'm a sucker for hair products and nail polish especially!

Fashionably Broke said...

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by the blog and leaving the sweetest comments! You motivate me so much to keep blogging :)

This is great, I need to write my goals down! Maybe then I can do better at acheiving them ;)


Abbys-World-Closet said...

aww, Thank you for following my blog!! following you too:)

keep in touch!

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