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Guest Post: Office Style

I have a treat for y'all today. I have a great guest post for you today from one of my favorite blogs:
These are three lovely sisters who have a great sense of style! Go visit them here I know you'll love them! They are going to talk to you about workplace style, something I could use some help with. Please show them some love! Take it away ladies

The workplace can be a drag but your wardrobe doesn't have to be, so kick off your early morning work days with style. You too can look chic from nine to fine and we're going to show you how!
If your job is strict on dress attire go for the neutral shades (black, grey, navy and khaki) and pick a couple of accent pieces. Get yourself a couple of pants, skirts, blazers, cardigans and shirts all in neutrals and use the accent pieces like a scarf, necklace or earrings to give it a little pop of color. 

Black may be a sophisticated and safe color to wear to work but it can be a bit...boring. "The colors you wear in a professional setting are about so much more than mere fashion or style," says Sheila Dicks, professional style coach and founder of the Fashion Expert Network 

"Colors send subconscious messages, and can affect your mood, as well as the mood of the workers around you." Cool huh? So we say go for it!  

You can take that LBD (you know the one we're talking about) or grey and pair it with a blazer that screams color me happy!  Wear it with a simple silk blouse or take a solid blazer and pair it with your favorite dress.

Taking a simple geometric skirt and paring it with a blouse is another look you can try. Even a bright skirt will work as long as the top part is a neutral color, don't forget the neutrals :)
Ideally, I would look like this at work every day.
A black skirt suit doesn't have to be just that. By adding a scarf or a colored or patterned blouse can give this look a face lift.
need this suit to fit perfectly for work at David's Bridal!
Perfect for under a suit at work, or with jeans for evening casual!
If your job has casual Fridays, take one of your work blouses and pair it with dark denim. This look below is simple yet chic and leopard flats will go perfectly in completing the look. 
Going semi-casual. Blue jeans day at work, maybe? Or Friday date-night?
If you really want to brighten up your day at work go for wearing two bright colors like the look below. The soft pink blouse is paired with an orange flare pant, talk about effortlessly chic. 
Would LOVE to try this at work
If your office is strict on the dress code and everyone walks around with their noses in the air, you can dress up a simple skirt and button up blouse with a little edge. A skinny leopard belt is the perfect way to do so. It's an unexpected little surprise and those people with their nose in the air will be looking down... at your fabulous style!  

Cardigans are your best friends, befriend them and love them. Why you may ask, because they are the easiest way to add color to your work wardrobe. 

All these looks can definitely go from nine to fine by simply switching your shoes or taking off your blazer and adding a statement necklace. Just make sure you pack it in your work bag so you won't miss happy hour! 


Play dress-up in your closet and mix all your accessories, pumps, flats, and clothing items to see what goes with what. It's okay to mix prints or to add a pop of color. You can take pictures to ask family and friends to look at or better yet, have a girls night in and have your girlfriends come over for food, music and champagne while you model for them. Think Sex in the City, what fun! 
Consignment and thrift stores are excellent places to shop around at, you'll be surprised at 
what you find. But in the meantime, here are some great finds that you can wear from nine to fine with no ands ifs or buts!

Forever 21
Does your work wardrobe need a face lift? Do you like wearing color to work? What is your normal work attire? Let us know in the comments.

Big thanks to Emily for asking us to guest blog, it was great =)

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