Friday, May 18, 2012

{Friday Cocktail} Skinny Pina Colada

I mean really? What else did you expect? I'm in Puerto Rico!!!

I've partaken in several sugary guilt filled delicious pina coladas since we arrived 4 days ago. When I get home though, I'm definitely breaking out the magic bullet to make a few of these.

In a blender combine

  • 3 oz coconut rum
  • 10 oz coconut water
  • .5 cup frozen pineapple chucks (try Trader Joes)
Blend and enjoy! I love coconut water, but rarely buy it anymore. I will definitely pick some up when I get home though. Hope y'all have a great weekend. I'm some what reluctantly headed home on Sunday, but as soon as I arrive we'll be celebrating KJ's 25th! 

See y'all Monday!


kathj06 said...

I just made the marvelous discovery that you had in fact been blogging sporadically in Puerto Rico!! Yay!! And thanks...can't wait for a little Zaytinya action on Sunday, and to be mad jealous of your tan. Enjoy the last few days of vacay!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

That sounds sooo good I'll be making this for M, they're his fav drink lol.

Happy weekend lovely


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