Thursday, May 3, 2012

Say it Aint so Newt

Oh Newt, why did you have to go so soon? I will miss your pompous whit, your blonde robot of a wife, and your brilliant campaign promises. Moon colonies? child janitors? and oh your unwavering love of Ronald Reagan. You will be missed sir. But lucky for all of us, I'm sure you wont venture too far.

As Speaker Gingrich suspended his presidential campaign yesterday, I couldn't help but feel a few pangs of sadness. No, my dear friends, I'm  not suddenly switching my allegiances, but I am a little sad that the primary is really over. Sure, Ron Paul is still in, but lets be honest, he'll probably run as an independent in the general election in November. Mitt Romney it is. Our next President will either be a Mormon or a Muslim. Great.

Ha-ha you know I'm kidding right? I'm actually somewhat pleased with these final two men standing. While I have already gotten my Obama 2012 sticker, I am glad that the two most qualified (in my opinion) men are still standing.  I have too much respect for the system to honestly hope for a Newt or a Bachmann to win the nomination to make it easier for my pick.

I was discussing this the other day, and y'all might think I'm crazy, but does this whole thing not have some SERIOUS similarities to the Hunger Games? We send them into this game where they attack each other attempting to kill each other's political viability? We take pleasure in watching every tiny detail play out. The strongest/smartest/ most strategic candidate is left standing at the end?  SPONSORS aka Super PACs throw money at the candidates (players) to keep them alive?

I think its a little spooky.

Anyways. Congress is in recess this week, so life in DC is slow. No moving legislation. No breaking news. AKA lots of time for me to catch up on my blog reading.

Hope y'all have a great day, and get excited because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Wooohooo!!


The Yuppie Files said...

I'm sad the crazy part is over. Herman Cain's antics, moon colonies.... all of that is so entertaining. Not helpful for our country, but funny.

kathj06 said...

I will follow Newt to the Moon Colony! True story about the Hunger Games parallels, except these guys voluntarily sign up for this craziness! Although I suppose Katniss did too...

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