Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{Day 18} Plans

 plans/dreams/goals you have

Right now it's all about Law School. I'm deep in the throws of applications right now. perfecting my personal statement. HOPING that lsac will get all my stuff together by the end of next week (fingers crossed). 

That pretty much it right now 

xo, Emily


Emily said...

You are going to be amazing, and the LSAC stuff will fall into place...probably when you're least expecting it (or not checking the website--like I did). Seeing you write on here, I'm sure the personal statement will be a "slam dunk." Happy Tuesday. oxo

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

You go girl! I just submitted my grad school application last week... I kept trying to tweak my personal statement over and over, but finally I just had to accept it and submit it. Good luck!

Jen said...

That's really really exciting! Yay! :)

Alicia, River City Chic said...

ahh good luck! i'm a senior undergrad student right now but waiting a few years to go to grad school. i'm sure you'll get in somewhere fabulous!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, good luck!! Where are you applying??

I remember that time in my life well....exhausting, but exciting!


Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Awwww, sending you lots of good vibes! I know it's a ton of work right now, but it will all be worth it SO SOON! You can make it though!


Melissa said...

Good luck! Thinking positive thoughts. It'll be so worth it in the end!

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